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From cozzie livs (cost of living, for the uninitiated) to platty joobs, Britain loves shortcuts.

While the crowning glory is pretty hard to abbreviate, the internet is trying hard.

A TikToker gave his top 3 in one Video this has over a million views now.

Taking inspiration from the late Queen’s platinum jubilee, Joe Foster said: “If you’re looking for ways to short-cut the King’s coronation, like we do as Brits, look no further, I’ve got you covered.

“So the Queen’s Jubilee and everyone who calls it the Platty Joobs … my brain chemistry has changed forever so I just want to continue that this year,” he added.


Distinct Cor-Ree bobs.

Foster said it’s a twist on the “classic Holibobs.”

Corrie Nash

In the viral video, Mr Foster says that Corrie Nash – pronounced ‘naish’, the same as the beginning of the word nation – ‘is ​​easy, rolls off the tongue. It follows that you know ‘Platty Joob’, ‘Corrie Nash’ ‘ vibes.

“I think that will be the winner.”

Blind Chazzle

For number three, it’s “Chazzle Dazzle”.

“When does the Chazzle Dazzle start?

“I’m not sure I love it but I could use it,” Mr Foster said in the video.

Google joined in the fun, commenting, “Corry Nash really is something special.”

Another user commented: “We call it them Corrie no no in our house.”

Another said: “King Corrie. Simply.”

TL;DR? Here is a list of the best:


Corrie Nash

Blind Chazzle

Corrie no no

King Corrie

Crowny Chaz

Chazzas Corro

Ks Corrie

King Corrie Bank Holi

Corrie Nat

Corrie C

Chaz’ Coz

Hutty newcomers

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