150,000 arrest records “accidentally deleted from police database” | UK news


Home Secretary Priti Patel must “take responsibility” for deleting 150,000 arrest records from police databases, Labor said.

The records were accidentally deleted last week and included fingerprint, DNA and arrest stories, according to The Times.

The newspaper says the technological flaw could allow the perpetrators to get free as evidence from crime scenes would not be displayed on the police’s national computer.

There are calls to the Interior Minister to provide answers regarding the mistake

Labor had said the Home Secretary must “take responsibility” for the “extremely serious security breach that poses enormous threats to public safety”.

Police Minister Kit Malthouse said: “Earlier this week, a standard cleaning process running on the police’s national computer cleared a number of erroneous records.

“A quick review identified the problem and fixed the process so it cannot recur.

“The Department of the Interior, the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) and other law enforcement partners are working quickly to restore the data.

“While the loss relates to people who have been arrested and released without further action, I have asked officials and police to confirm their initial assessment that there is no threat to public safety.

“I will provide more updates when we finish our work.”

But Labour’s Shadow Secretary of the Interior Nick Thomas-Symonds said: “It is not good enough for the Home Secretary to hide behind her junior secretary when there is such a major security breach on her watch.

“It is now important that she make an urgent statement that sets out the true extent of the problem, once ministers were briefed, and what the plan is to reassure the public.”

“Once again, conservative incompetence endangers people’s safety.”

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