8 immigrants killed in high-speed crash near the Mexican border



Eight illegal immigrants believed to have been involved in a people smuggling operation were reportedly killed when their pickup truck hit another vehicle while fleeing police in a Mexican border town.

The fatal wreck occurred shortly before 1:30 p.m. KXAS-TV reported Monday when a red Dodge pickup truck led Texas Department of Public Security soldiers to a high-speed chase on US Highway 277 in the Texas border town of Del Rio.

The escaping Dodge hit a white Ford pickup head-on, injuring an adult and a child who were rushed to a local hospital, KXAS said.

A man who drove in the Dodge truck with the other immigrants was also injured and also taken to a local hospital, the report said.

The Dodge driver fled the scene on foot but was later caught by police officers.

“Because of injuries, eight undocumented passengers from the Dodge pickup were declared dead on site,” the police said in a statement to KSAT-TV.

“The driver and a passenger of the Ford pickup and an undocumented passenger of the Dodge pickup were taken to a San Antonio hospital and are in stable condition,” the statement said.

Police said no further information was released immediately.

The fatal crash comes less than two weeks after 13 immigrants were killed in a horrific crash in southern California after cutting a hole in the U.S. border fence with Mexico.

Authorities said they believed they were part of an immigration smuggling operation.


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