A bleeding woman was seen screaming in a semi-truck on the New Jersey freeway


A driver spotted a blood-smeared woman screaming for help in the cab of a semi-truck on a Jersey highway on Wednesday, in a disturbing scene straight out of a horror movie.

Officers are now searching for the woman who the witness said was bleeding from her face in a white semi-truck that was stopped on the side of Route 130 near Dayton Toyota, South Brunswick Police said.

The passer-by said the woman called for help before the male truck driver pulled her back into the taxi and drove away around 2pm. The truck turned off Route 130 at the Ridge Road exit.

The woman is believed to be white or Hispanic and in her 20s. According to witnesses, she has long brown hair and was wearing a brown flannel shirt.

The driver is a white, elderly, balding man with a white beard. According to police, he was wearing a blue shirt at the time of the crime.

Surveillance video released by police shows the truck briefly stopped on Route 130 before driving off.

Anyone with information about the truck, the woman or the driver was asked to call South Brunswick Police at 732-329-4646.

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