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Crowds gather outside the US Capitol for the Stop the Steal rally on January 6, 2021 in Washington, DC. Photo by Robert Nickelsberg / Getty Images)

Is all of this talking about “insurrection” and domestic terrorism, or is it calling for an application? Counterinsurgency Tactic For The American People In Peace Time, You Considered A Little Irresponsible?

What are you, a terrorist sympathizer?

With this type of reasoning, there is no time to shred words. Republican lawmakers who fail to vigorously repress this conversation are making monumental betrayals of their oaths to uphold the Constitution and potentially subjecting their base to political persecution in violation of more fundamental laws of politics.

It looks like we are conducting a 9/11 commission-style investigation into the Capitol insurrection. At the moment there are still some disputes about its composition and scope. Senate Minority Leader McConnell and House Minority Leader McCarthy rightly insist that the Commission be balanced. According to reports a point of contention in negotiations.

Ultimately, however, the balance is less important than who the Republican commissioners are and whether they have subpoena powers. Any commission on which Republican members are not given subpoena powers should be a non-runner. Given that the only confirmed violent deaths were on the part of the rioters and the likelihood that informants were among the rioters, the reason for this is obvious. Everything else means that the commission is a partisan exercise. I suspect this is the deal we are likely to reach, and I am even less confident that Republicans in Congress are brave enough to ask the right questions.

according to to CNN, McConnell want the January 6 commission to choose either a narrow focus on that day or a broader focus on national extremism. A preference for the former shows an understandable interest in moving on, but it’s also likely that doing so will produce outcomes that are inappropriately important to federal law enforcement. A better answer is to give the Democrats wide leeway and then get the Republican commissioners to investigate on their own. For example, I would like to know what all of this is libs, or Children of liberal judgesdid there that day.

We also deserve responses from various informants in the Capitol that day, possibly among the Proud boyswhich have been examined by the federal law enforcement authorities for some time and whose leaders are “productiveSnitch, before the group even existed. We also recently found out that there is an Oath Keeper Leader was earlier an FBI department head. Maybe he cut ties with his previous employers completely, maybe not. I would like to know either way. Indeed, Spokesman Pelosi, let’s find out if there was an “intelligence bug” on January 6th. If so, it was probably not due to a lack of intelligence.

With no way of asking questions like this, we will likely have a 28-page hole in the official narrative of the Capitol uprising. Democrats will not want to ask about sources of human intelligence, either within sloppy groups like the Proud Boys, or under more innocuous kinds of cranks like the QAnon mothers. You don’t have to sympathize with these groups to see such things as a potential political threat to conservatives.

This is also important for creating a risk profile for the event. Can any dissident activity that is instantly located by the participants’ phones be suspended immediately and unhindered? financial supervision Bank of America and heavily law enforcement infiltrated, potentially posing a credible threat to the US government, let alone being labeled an “insurrection”? I do not think so.

What worries me about the way extremism works in this country is that virtually no one has an incentive to de-escalate these groups, and this type of infiltration creates an incentive to make it worse. The SPLC needs to raise funds, the government wants to bring cases, Antifa wants to ruin as many lives as possible, infiltrators want to make themselves useful (often law enforcement agencies already have a significant influence over them), and the media want to make it all look great.

There is very little room in response to Gwen Kansens piece Here in October everyone can testify that maybe not every member is a monster and that common law enforcement tactics used against these groups can lead to the seduction of more or less innocent people. We are no longer allowed to say this in polite company, but there are really many ways to deal with street hooliganism without involving the FBI.

You may find that these points are similar to those made on these pages about Islamic extremism as well. That’s because they are, and it seems to me to be a grave nerve and principle error if we don’t make them with regard to right-wing groups too. Other researchers – Trevor Aaronson’s book springs to mind – have indicated that Islamic terrorists are often encouraged to act violently by federal law enforcement agencies, who step in but pick up bombs and pretend to have the next 9 foiled. 11. In other words, there is a level of infiltration activity that goes beyond information gathering and into the realm of influence and control. The list of such operations is long.

In the longer term, chances are the McCarthy minority leader will be the House Speaker in two years’ time, and here’s a Conservative who believes McCarthy should respond with deadly seriousness to the threat of domestic terrorism. Not because the problem is much worse than it was in the past, but because the current panic is an obvious bluff and the GOP has to call them out asking questions about how much federal law enforcement knew and when. Trust me, Democrats don’t want to take domestic extremism seriously – such inquiries would lead to too many progressive foundations when done in a balanced way.

It has become a cliché among conservatives to talk about how we no longer live in the Reagan years, and of course it is true. New times require new economic responses, new policies, and the rest of it, but the most important way in which now is different from then is today that the deep state is against us rather than against us (consider the difference, how Oliver North was treated compared to Mike Flynn). And only Congress can hold it accountable.

Of course, it would not be enough for a GOP legislator to propose some of the above. That would be irresponsible and crazy, totally Marjorie Taylor Greene Area. Even so, it should concern the GOP legislators that a meme circulated on the Big Tech platforms that has a great deal of control over what is seen there appears to have poisoned a’s brain not exactly negligible part their base. I’m afraid Republicans may not be able to ignore this forever. You may not be able to ignore it now.

Fortunately, no GOP legislature has to credit anything I just said to check this out. Please do not! All they have to do is admit the point to the left and then investigate with their own lights. Let’s say we too are deeply concerned about domestic terrorism and would like some overview of federal law enforcement efforts in this area. Then get these summons out. Ask the intelligence services when they started tracking down QAnon or the Proud Boys and request them everything. Informative arrangements, information ops, everything. This strategy is an example of what I wrote about in a previous article pillarmuch more freely using the investigative powers of Congress. I fully intend to keep beating this drum for at least the next two years.

Republicans shouldn’t say the Capitol riot was a false flag, as Ron Johnson and a Michigan state senator recently did. It probably wasn’t like that, whether or not you can find some Antifa people there, and it’s irresponsible to say so without evidence. The point of all of this is to find out what happened and see if our current defenses are sufficient. I suspect we will find that they are more than sufficient.

This is real At sight. The wrong kind of oversight is to create a show and know exactly what the witnesses are going to say. The You will look like extremist sympathizers. The real kind, however, is totally constitutional, good for the politics of the body, and boils down to protecting the party’s grassroots from overreaching while testing the government’s defense against legitimate extremism. It is the right thing. What the GOP must overcome is its relentless respect for G-Men. If you think you still deserve that homage, I have a Durham report to sell to you. It’s probably not just David French itching To treat his compatriots like insurgents in Fallujah, that urge must be resisted, and any poetic justice seen in Trump supporters – many of whom likely voted for the president who brought us the Patriot Act – will Eye of the Security State subdued Sauron.

When the commission is done with the investigation, they should call some witnesses and hold hearings. Perhaps some of Enrique Tarrio’s handlers can be forced to testify. Perhaps it will turn out that their actions were really completely overboard. If so, good! Also make a call to some federal investigators who helped put really vicious criminals behind bars. It’s not about discrediting law enforcement. Also, give some QAnon mothers a call, let the world see how harmless most of these people actually are, have them describe how they fell for nonsense, and describe what they learned. That would be good practice for everyone.

In the 2020s Hell Carnival, domestic extremism is the shooting gallery. Many ducks have been lit, but some are real targets and some are not. To end the carnival, send the clowns. As the song says, they are already here.


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