A man whose wife died at the Atlanta spa was handcuffed and “treated like a suspect”.


The husband, who survived the Atlanta shootings that killed his wife, says police treated him like a suspect rather than a grieving victim. He had handcuffed him for hours without telling him that his spouse was dead.

“They had me at the police station the whole time until they investigated who was responsible or what had happened,” said Mario Gonzalez during an interview with the Spanish-language news site Mundo Hispanico. “In the end they told me my wife had died.

“They knew I was their husband,” said Gonzalez. “Then they told me she was dead when I wanted to know beforehand.

“I don’t know, maybe because I’m Mexican,” he said. “Because the truth is they treated me very badly.”

Gonzalez and his wife, Delaina Ashley Yaun, 33, had gone to Young’s Asian Massage in their town of Acworth on Tuesday for a relaxing day and a break from raising their two young children.

He said he was in a separate room when gunfire broke out and he fled to safety.

Mario Gonzalez with his wife Ashley Yaun.
Mario Gonzalez with his wife Ashley Yaun.

His wife never made it alive.

Outside, he said, he was handcuffed by the police and held for more than two hours – and only at the end did the police tell him that his wife had been killed in the slaughter.

Another man, Robert Aaron Long, is in custody after confessing to the crime, authorities said.

Gonzalez’s niece, Jessica Gonzalez, told the Daily Mail, “I think it was a racist thing. [Mario] was the only one still handcuffed.

“He kept asking,” Where is my wife? Where is my wife? “She said.” And nobody would give him an answer. He didn’t get an answer until a few hours later. “

Yaun was among eight people fatally shot in three massage parlors in Atlanta, starting with the one in Cherokee County that she and her husband went to.

“What I need now is support because I have a boy and a girl,” Mario Gonzalez told Mundo Hispanico. “You have taken the most precious thing I have in my life.

“At least he deserved to die, just like all these people died,” the man said of Long.

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