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The lines between disorder, riots and civil war are blurring.

Police officers stand guard outside Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s home on June 8, 2022 in Chevy Chase, Maryland. A gunman was arrested near Kavanaugh’s home on Wednesday morning. (Photo by Nathan Howard/Getty Images)

More masks have been taken off lately than just the KN95s (although one fears this is a reference whose importance will soon be forgotten due to, not despite, its size). Of course, when you see a mask as a mask you know there is something underneath, and liberal processualism has always been a fabricated friendly face for the stark realities of politics. Indeed, that was the aim of liberalism, to draw some lines and make war a sport. But that artificiality has become a little more inescapable, and so I hope more people naively clinging to a consensus that no longer exists will wake up to the acrid smell of burning.

That Dobbs The opinion leak was the latest alarm for some, a definitive realization that the fiction of judicial sanctity, an institution distinct from the partisanship of every other part of American life, was just that: fiction about the faction. But if that wasn’t alarming enough, a man was arrested last Wednesday in an attempted assassination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh. A media firestorm broke out – I’m joking, of course. The reality today is that we have entered a period of political history when the attempt on the life of a Supreme Court Justice is largely viewed as a yawn. Major newspapers cable news stationwith the exception of Fox, barely touched on the story and the implied Of course, we’re not asking anyone to actually die, but they deserve it if they do by liberal pundits on Twitter was hardly subtextual. There was sort of a very brief reckoning when Congressman Steve Scalise and the Republican congressional baseball team were almost killed by a lib in 2017. It was theatrical and only happened because Scalise was so close to dying of his wounds. We hardly remember it.

The contours of the moment are becoming clearer with the Committee Show Trial on January 6th, a literal professionally produced televised special. Even clearer if we step back and look more closely are the recent circus-related arrests. Peter Navarro was publicly and aggressively arrested earlier this month after Democrats scorned him for refusing to testify before the committee. That arrest came a day after the former White House economic adviser vowed to work to impeach President Joe Biden if the GOP takes control of Congress in the midterm elections in November this year. Meanwhile, Republican Michigan gubernatorial candidate Ryan Kelley was arrested by the FBI on charges related to Jan. 6, not to mention it was a year and a half later. MSNBC confirmed The arrest was unprecedented, with Kelley becoming the first candidate for major public office to be charged in connection with the riot.

But we’re just getting started. On Sunday, for years by Russiagate and a “Consolidate” “Shadow Campaign” The 2020 elections were not enough to convince MAGA, members of the January 6 Committee announced They had enough evidence for the Justice Department to “consider an unprecedented criminal indictment against former President Donald Trump.” That would certainly be a boost to the ratings given that the mini-series has been a snooze party as far as infotainment goes. Much of the show’s historical interest lies in the abstract of it happening at all, not in the specifics. But the rolling out of the Watergate red carpet for an already dethroned emperor marks another step in the criminalization of losing national elections. There may have been heads in the Clinton and Biden family machines already, Obama still behind the scenes somewhere, but apparently it’s time for the rest of us to see it: Win, or it’s not just the election that you could lose.

Considered long enough, none of this is really unprecedented. The popular consciousness has a hard time remembering the chaos and violence of the 1960s and 70s. Presidents and officials and public figures have actually been assassinated. And America, of course, fought a formal civil war when it was still possible to fight one, with the breakaway states fielding regular armies against the federal troops. Today, however, after many successive administrative and judicial consolidations of our national government, that sort of professional struggle between Caesar and Pompey seems impossible. The riots of the last century looked the way they did, for reasons that have not yet been resolved, and thus an escalation of future civil wars would be much more akin to the kind seen in Argentina or Lebanon or, God help us, Spain. And that means the line separating rising inflation and homelessness and crime from political violence will be blurred, the point between falling living standards and crumbling order that we risk stumbling upon.

Grim, I know. But assassination attempts should be taken seriously, and things like the apparent arson attack on a pregnancy center in Gresham, Oregon, now under investigation by the ATF and FBI, put one in a grim mood. Still, as the angels say, fear not. This too shall pass, although we may not like it. Take care of what you have been given to care for. As once said a mad farmer,

Hear carrion – ear to it
close and hear the soft chatter
of the upcoming songs.
Expect the end of the world. Laugh.
Laughter is immeasurable. Be happy
although you have considered all the facts.

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