Air travelers to the US can use self-administered COVID testing: CDC



International travelers to the US can use some self-administered COVID-19 tests to help meet entry requirements, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on Friday.

According to the CDC, the self-test must be a nasal swab or saliva test approved for use by the Food and Drug Administration. The test must also be monitored in real time by a telehealth service who can confirm both a negative test and proper compliance with the procedures.

CDC officials are urging Americans traveling overseas to reconsider their plans despite new use of a self-administered COVID-19 test.
While the Airlines for America trade group praised the move, the State Department continues to recommend Americans reconsider international travel amid the coronavirus pandemic.

According to the CDC, airlines must also be able to confirm the identity of the traveler and the details of the test results. The results themselves must be made available to US officials upon arrival.

The Airlines for America trade group praised the move in a statement to Reuters, calling it “an encouraging move to facilitate the international travel process.”

Since January 26th of this year, the CDC has required that all passengers coming from overseas to the United States be tested for the coronavirus at least 72 hours before departure and provide a negative result or authorization from a health care professional was granted to a public health officer.

Passengers coming from overseas are allowed to use a self-administered nasal swab or saliva COVID-19 test in the presence of a health officer.
Passengers entering the U.S. from overseas can use a self-administered nasal swab or saliva COVID-19 test in the presence of a health officer, the CDC said.
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The State Department is currently recommending Americans reconsider overseas travel due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) said it screened 1.64 million passengers at airports on Thursday, most in a single day since March 2020, and a sign that more Americans are heading back to heaven.


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