Alex Morgan and Sue Bird produced podcasts for the 1996 games


Alex Morgan and Sue Bird put the 1996 Summer Olympics back in the spotlight, a milestone for women’s sport in the United States.

The duo will be producing and participating in a six-part documentary podcast titled “Summer of Gold” for TOGETHXR, the company they founded with fellow Olympians Chloe Kim and Simone Manuel and Dear Media.

The podcast focuses on the milestone in women’s sport

The podcast will explore how and why the 1996 Atlanta Olympics were monumental to women’s sports.

“The summer of 1996 is one of the most important moments in the history of women’s sports,” TOGETHXR’s chief content officer Jessica Robertson told Deadline Title IX first generation. It was also the summer that the WNBA was formed. More importantly, this summer was right next to a larger cultural “woman power” movement.

“As much as this is a sports story, it is also a story about woman power in the mid to late 1990s. Because of this cultural context, the 1996 Olympic Games turned female athletes into not only sports icons, but also cultural icons. For so many women of this generation, was It is a critical moment to see it, be it. When we look at Tokyo 2021 we will celebrate that past through this narrative podcast, but we will also look at it again and count on how far we have come and how far we have have to go. “

The series is approaching the Games’ 25th anniversary as well as the WNBA’s 25th anniversary season starting next month. The league announced a “Count it” campaign and new kits to kick off the year.

The 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta are central to women’s sport

The American women’s gymnastics team (L-R) of Amanda Borden, Dominique Dawes, Amy Chow, Jaycie Phelps, Dominique Moceanu, Kerri Strug and Shannon Miller greet the crowd after receiving their gold medals in the 1996 Summer Olympics team competition. (David Madison / Getty Images)

The podcast focuses on iconic moments and characters in the games, including the “Magnificent Seven”. The title was given to a group of seven gymnasts – Shannon Miller, Dominique Moceanu, Dominique Dawes, Kerri Strug, Amy Chow, Amanda Borden and Jaycie Phelps – who won the first women’s gymnastics team title for US team USA in 2012 with the she again won the “Fierce Five” and in 2016 with the “Final Five”.

Other focal points include the discussion of the first wave of Title IX athletes taking part in the Games, gold medals from the women’s basketball, soccer and softball teams, and the establishment of the WNBA by David Stern due to the success of the Olympic team.

The 1996 Games formed the basis for women’s sports in the United States. It was a first spark for women’s football before the ’99 won the 1999 FIFA World Cup at the Rose Bowl, California.

Morgan, bird part of Olympic history

Bird, a four-time WNBA champion, and Team USA Basketball are set to pick up a medal for the seventh year in a row at the scheduled 2020 Tokyo Olympics this summer. It would tie the streak of the men’s basketball team from 1936 to 1968.

Bird and Diana Taurasi would become the first five-time gold medalists in basketball if they won this summer. They made their Olympic debut in 2004, two cycles after the Atlanta Games.

Morgan, 31, won gold with the women’s national soccer team in 2012. The USA lost to Sweden in the quarter-finals of the 2016 Rio Games from penalties. She is a two-time FIFA World Champion who made her Olympic debut in 2012.

Bird, Morgan, Kim and Manuel started their media and retail company last month. They are some of the many women who, through team and media companies, are taking control of what they want to see in women’s sports. The podcast space has been sparse when it comes to women’s sports stories and is slowly growing with content.

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