Alexei Navalny beats the “mad tsar” Putin behind bars


Alexei Navalny, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s loudest enemy, has a running comment against the invasion of Ukraine and the man he calls the “mad tsar” behind bars in a maximum security prison.

“The war was intended to cover up the robbery of Russian citizens and divert their attention from the country’s internal problems, from the deterioration of its economy,” Navalny wrote on his Instagram account – which mysteriously continues to add messages and videos from indomitable opposition leaders.

“The war was unleashed by the Kremlin gang to make it easier for them to steal,” he wrote.

On Friday, 45-year-old Navalny spoke out against Putin’s invasion of Ukraine in grainy video of a court trial recorded at the maximum security prison in Pokrov, 60 miles east of Moscow, where he has been held for more than a year.

Navalny said Putin’s war was a distraction from his rule in Russia.
A destroyed school building in Ukraine on March 11.
A destroyed school building in Ukraine on March 11, 2022.
The map above shows the areas of Ukraine threatened by Russian invasion.
The latest on the war in Ukraine, March 12, 2022.

“I am against this war,” Navalny said in the clip, which has garnered more than 2 million likes, the Sunday Times of London reported. “I find it immoral, fatal and criminal.”

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He has urged his 6.3 million social media followers to “take to the streets and fight for peace. “You have to go to anti-war rallies every weekend, even when it seems everyone has either left or got scared,” he wrote this week. Even if you are alone… you are the backbone of the movement against war and death.”

Navalny, who survived an apparent poisoning in 2020, is being held on charges of misdirecting funds from his anti-corruption foundation for personal use – a charge that could see him jailed for three decades.

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