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YouTube is the latest platform to ban controversial influencer Andrew Tate for violating his hate speech rules.

The ban comes days after the former kickboxer who was branded a “danger to young men” had his Removed official accounts from Facebook and Instagram for Violation of Policies Regarding Dangerous Persons, Parent Company Meta said.

Mr Tate rose to fame while appearing on Big Brother in 2016 – but was later dropped from the program after a video surfaced online of what appeared to be him attacking a woman with a belt.

He claimed the clip was edited.

But he became embroiled in further controversy after making a series of offensive comments about women, including suggesting that women “have some responsibility” when attacked, leading to a Twitter ban.

His “harmful content” spread “like wildfire” across social media — with his Instagram Account with four million followers before it was closed.

Channels connected to it have been removed youtube for “multiple violations” of community guidelines and terms of service, including the policy on hate speech, a spokesman said in a statement to Bloomberg.

“When a channel is terminated, the uploader cannot use, own or create other YouTube channels,” they added.

The social media platform acted after a backlash against the multi-millionaire by online safety and anti-hate activists.

They repeatedly warned of the dangers of his comment and how his content would be widely shared.

Joe Mulhall, Director of Research at Hope Not Hate said: “We are delighted that following discussions with YouTube and our public campaign, they have permanently removed his account.

“Andrew Tate’s YouTube account was a huge source of malicious content that spread like wildfire across the internet.”

However, Mr Mulhall urged the big tech platforms to take further action to “make the internet a safer place”.

“Removing Tate’s accounts from platforms will not automatically remove his content,” he added.

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‘Labels’ for content by Andrew Tate

Mr. Tate has no civil servant tick tock account, but his clips are growing in popularity, with his name’s hashtag getting 13 billion clicks – prompting the platform to do more to prevent the spread of “dangerous content”.

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TikTok said on Friday it had removed Mr Tate’s videos and accounts linked to him for “weeks” – and vowed to continue to do so.

A spokesman for the platform said: “Misogyny is a hateful ideology that will not be tolerated on TikTok.”

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