ATV rider dies after falling through ice at sea: MPs


An Illinois man died after driving an SUV onto a frozen lake and falling through thin ice, authorities said.

Rodney Allard, 62, died in a hospital late Wednesday after being pulled from Druce Lake in Third Lake, a village about 45 miles northwest of Chicago, sheriff officials confirmed to The Post.

“At this time, we believe the accident was a tragic one,” Christopher Covelli, spokesman for the Lake County Sheriff’s Office, wrote in an email. “This incident is a very stark reminder that lakes and bodies of water in our region are not safe at this time.”

A preliminary autopsy found Allard died of drowning, Covelli said.

Warmer-than-usual temperatures in the area caused the ice on the lake to completely melt or “become extremely thin,” according to Covelli, who estimated the water temperature at the time to be 34 to 38 degrees.

MPs responded to the lake within two minutes after receiving a report around 4pm Wednesday that two people who were on the ATV entered the water.

A deputy used a rowboat to reach the section of the lake where Allard sank and then relayed his approximate location to a fire department diver, who spotted him about six feet below the surface, sheriff’s officials said in a statement.

Firefighters and relief workers attached a rope to Allard from nearby Lake Villa and pulled him onto shore. Paramedics performed CPR to try to get him breathing again when he was taken to a hospital in nearby Libertyville in very critical condition, according to the Lake County Sheriff’s Office.

Witnesses said Allard was the only person on the ATV who broke through the ice as it neared the middle of the lake, investigators said.

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