Audio may support claims by Andy Polo’s ex-partner against Timbers


Recently released audio data could support a shocking claim made by Genessis Alarcon, the estranged wife of former Portland Timbers player Andy Polo.

Alarcon recently claimed to ESPN that two Timbers representatives came to her home in June 2021, about two weeks after an alleged incident of domestic violence between her and Polo led to police being called to the home. Timbers officials allegedly pressured Alarcon not to press charges against Polo, telling her that if she didn’t, she and her children would be taken care of.

“They wanted to help me and make sure I and my kids weren’t left on the streets,” Alarcon told ESPN through an interpreter. “They wanted to make sure Andy was responsible for me and my kids but it never happened. I was told this would be in exchange for not filing charges.”

When ESPN reached out to the Timbers for comment, they confirmed they were offering support to Alarcon, but that was in no way related to her not filing charges against Polo.

“While the Timbers offered support to Mr. Polo, Ms. Alarcon and their children during a difficult time, there was never any indication – express or implied – that the support was offered in exchange for something in return from Ms. Alarcon. The Timbers would never condone or engage in such conduct.”

Audio can support Alarcon’s claim

On Thursday, Alarcon’s attorney, Michael Fuller, tweeted an audio clip allegedly recorded during the meeting between Alarcon and the two Timbers representatives. In the clip, one of the supposed Timbers representatives explains the charges against Polo and then says “we hope you’ll say no” to press charges.

ESPN received an additional clip of the meeting, in which Alarcon allegedly didn’t receive a full explanation of what going to court would mean.

In another taped excerpt obtained by ESPN, alleged Timbers rep Alarcon said she would have to testify before a judge or jury in a trial that could last up to two days. Nowhere in the excerpt is there mention of the possibility that Polo could file a plea and avoid a trial.

Fuller posted the clip to Twitter just a day after Alarcon was interviewed as part of an MLS investigation into the Timbers’ handling of their domestic violence case. The Timbers declined to comment to ESPN on the released footage, which Fuller said he turned over to MLS investigators.

The alleged domestic violence incident between Polo and Alarcon came to light in February when Alarcon spoke about it on a TV show in her native Peru. That prompted the Timbers to terminate his contract.

Fuller is also representing Alarcon in a domestic violence lawsuit she filed against Polo in a US district court a few weeks ago. According to ESPN, she seeks “fair compensation for non-economic damages in an amount determined by the jury to be reasonable and taxable expenses.”

The estranged wife of former Timbers player Andy Polo says two Timbers representatives tried to pressure her not to press charges of domestic violence against Polo. (Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images)

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