Avery Woods Says Husband Should Pay for Breast Job on TikTok


A mum who’s been breastfeeding for two years wants her husband to pay for her breast surgery — arguing it’s only fair given how much money the couple saved by not buying baby formula.

Avery Woods made her fall in the light-hearted TikTok video while holding one of her two children.

“Telling my husband I need to have a breast lift afterwards [breastfeeding] for two years and saves so much money on formula,” the caption read across the video, with the mom lip-synching a man’s voice saying, “That’s what they say.”

A caption at the end of the hilarious video read, “It’s well deserved.”

Woods, a pediatric intensive care nurse in the United States, has been well supported by other TikTok users. About 15,000 others liked the post, which was viewed more than 571,000 times.

Avery Woods made her fall in the TikTok video while holding one of her children.

“I told my fiancée that too,” commented one user. “These things are dead, so you pay.”

Another user chimed in: “Dude yeah!! That’s about $4,000 saved in formula plus bottles, storage, bottle warmer and all that.”

Another user exclaimed, “You were looking so good already!!” Woods replied, “It’s the top I promise.”

Woods didn’t reveal her husband’s reaction, but one user said, “Yeah, just do it (sic) no matter what he says.”

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