Barcelona start the title fight with a wild goal


It didn’t take long for Barcelona to capitalize on the club’s path to winning the club’s maiden Champions League title.

The Spanish champions reached the final in 33 seconds with a wild own goal in front of Chelsea, which was the first time in the club’s history in the Champions League.

It was a nightmare for the English side and it continued to deteriorate. Barcelona beat Chelsea by four goals in the first half and scored a 4-0 win.

Barcelona lead 33 seconds before the start of the game

Barcelona brought the ball off the whistle and Lieke Martens shot on goal early. It bounced off the bar into the air and Barcelona managed to keep it alive before the net.

Chelsea’s Fran Kirby furiously tried to clear it up, but it knocked off Melanie Leupolz’s foot, stormed in to help, and got out of the outstretched hands of goalkeeper Ann-Katrin Berger into the top left corner.

Chelsea, who lost 1-0 33 seconds back, almost equalized within the next few minutes. Instead, Barcelona started and took the 4-0 lead with goals in the first, 14th, 20th and 36th minutes. Chelsea’s defense struggled to cover Barcelona’s attack and the offensive never broke through.

One goal, two goals, three goals, four

Chelsea doubled in the 14th minute after a penalty from Alexia Putellas in the lower left corner of the net. Berger dived to the left as he stepped.

They took it from the center of the box at three from Aitana Bonmati’s left foot.

And when Barcelona scored the 4-0 at the 36 ‘mark with a 4-0 win by Carolina Hansen with a Martens assistant, the Champions League on CBS Sports account had enough and left with a simple, meaningful emoji.

Barcelona were 4-0 behind Lyon after 30 minutes in the last Champions League final two seasons ago, as The Guardian noted. This cadre wouldn’t let that happen again – sure – and they paid it up.

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