Barcelona will wear special Drake kits for the game against Real Madrid


Drake is set to replace the Spotify logo on Barcelona’s shirts in this weekend’s El Clasico after becoming the first artist to hit 50 billion streams on the platform. (Amy Sussmann/Getty Images)

Barcelona will release a special Drake kit for El Clasico this weekend.

Barcelona announced on Friday that they will wear kits with the Canadian rapper’s OVO owl logo on the front for their game at Real Madrid. The move, which will replace the traditional Spotify logo, is being done to celebrate Drake becoming the first Spotify artist to hit 50 billion streams.

Spotify became Barcelona’s main sponsor in March and since then the club has presented several big artists in and around the stadium. However, Drake is the first to actually make it onto his shirts – just in time for his biggest game of the season.

Drake became the first person in Spotify history to have his music reach 50 billion streams. He has nearly 60.9 million monthly streams and set multiple streaming records in one day.

Drake is far from the first musical artist to feature on the front of a football shirt in recent years. Bob Marley has been on several jerseys and the Seattle Sounders released a special Jimi Hendrix tribute jersey last year, just to name a few.

However, Drake’s performance is easily the greatest the footballing world has ever seen. It’s only fitting that it will perform on La Liga’s biggest stage.

Real Madrid host Barcelona in the first clash of the season between the two clubs at the Santiago Bernabeu on Sunday.

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