Biden Promotes Agenda, Slams ‘MAGA Republicans’ at DNC ​​Rally


President Joe Biden hit the campaign trail in the Washington, DC suburbs on Thursday, kicking off a coast-to-coast political tour with a brief speech that drew a sharp contrast between Democrats and Republicans ahead of the midterm elections.

Appearing at a Democratic National Committee “Build a Better America” ​​rally at a high school in Rockville, Maryland, the President touted his recent legislative and administrative accomplishments while sharing his views on the related Make America Great Again political movement ’ his predecessor Donald Trump did not question.

“We are only 76 days away from the midterm elections. Seventy-six days. And to state the obvious, the stakes are high,” Biden, 79, told the crowd of supporters.

Biden slammed “MAGA Republicans” during his DNC speech Thursday.
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“Your right to vote is on the ballot this year. The Social Security you pay from the time you had a job is on the ballot. Protecting your children from gun violence is on the ballot. And that is no exaggeration, the survival of our planet is on the ballot.”

Biden highlighted the achievements of the first 19 months of his tenure, hailed the nation’s recovery from the pandemic, and noted the recent passage of his signed inflation-mitigating law and a bipartisan gun control law, which he hoped to push further with an offensive weapon ban.

The president also reminded voters of his plan, announced this week, to cancel large chunks of student loan debt for millions of Americans, and also took a winning streak for last month’s falling gas costs.

“Even our critics had to acknowledge real progress. A record of great achievements matched by few governments in history,” Biden said.

Biden also reached out to women to protest the GOP’s anti-abortion agenda following the Roe v. Reversal. Democratically elect Wade through the Supreme Court.

He saved some of his most impassioned statements to rally members of his “independent and mainstream Republican” base to go to the polls in November to ward off the “extreme” Trumpian.

Biden said there aren't many true Republicans left.
Biden touted his recent legislation during the rally, including his student loan enactment and anti-inflation bill.
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“We are at a serious moment in our nation’s history. The MAGA Republicans not only threaten our personal rights and our economic security, they are a threat to our democracy. They refuse to accept the will of the people, they embrace political violence.”

“What’s happened is there aren’t many true Republicans left… I respect conservative Republicans, I don’t respect these MAGA Republicans,” he said.

Democrats will seek to retain control of the Senate and House of Representatives in November, while Republicans hope to ride a wave of discontent with inflation and the economy in the Legislative Chambers to victory.

Biden started the day of politics by raising about $1 million from about 100 well-heeled donors at a private home in Bethesda.

“We are now seeing either the beginning or the death knell of an extreme MAGA agenda,” Biden said. “It’s not just Trump … it’s almost semi-fascism,” he told the crowd.

Biden’s speeches were fueled by renewed optimism that has Democrats going on the offensive after a recent GOP sweep in Washington seemed all but certain.

A few months ago, the party’s congressional agenda stalled, with inflation and gas prices rising faster as Biden’s poll numbers fell.

After some economic strains gradually eased and many voters were put off by cascading abortion restrictions, Biden’s approval rating rebounded from a record low of 38% on July 22 to 44% earlier this week, according to a Gallup poll.

Though the president remains unpopular, Biden pollster John Anzalone believes Democrats are “in a better competitive position because Joe Biden got us there.”

“It doesn’t mean we have tailwind,” he added. “But we have more of a breeze than what feels like a hurricane in our face.”

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