Biden’s human shields will wreak havoc on the borders


The administration cares little about pregnant migrant women unless they serve their political agenda.

Joe Biden’s border crisis is at the center of American politics right now, but an important step the government has recently taken is to end up under the radar.

The Biden White House announced last week that immigration and customs no longer allow arresting pregnant women who are trying to enter the US illegally. At first glance, it’s not difficult to see why people support this policy. Americans are a compassionate people, and no group is more compassionate than pregnant mothers. But the Biden administration seems more than happy to manipulate the compassion of the American people to exacerbate the crisis on our southern border.

Due to the popular interpretation of Amendment 14, mothers who give birth to their children in the United States (even if they entered the country illegally) ensure that their children have full American citizenship. The US is unlikely to deport parents of American citizens, and because of the Chain migration politics, these parents and other relatives are likely to acquire citizenship themselves at some point. Given that thousands of pregnant women have been arrested at the border in recent years, this new policy could ultimately result in tens of thousands of new American citizens.

While the Biden administration has touted the new policy as “humane,” it could cost heavy American citizens, legal residents, and pregnant women, who now have another incentive to make the dangerous journey from Central America to the United States cause hem.

According to a Article 2020, New Mexico taxpayers pay hundreds of dollars every time a migrant needs hospital treatment. The physical toll that traveling to the southern border takes on pregnant women can be extremely dangerous and in some cases even fatal. Just this year a Honduran woman had to give Birth in sub-zero temperatures after crossing the Rio Grande to the USA, and another pregnant Honduran woman had to receive medical care afterwards to get stuck on a 5 meter high wall when trying to enter the US. In 2020 there was a 19-year-old pregnant Guatemalan and her unborn child were killed after falling while trying to climb border fences and enter the US.

In announcing to the world that pregnant migrants will be released after crossing the border into the United States, the Biden government is encouraging pregnant women to make the dangerous journey through Central America, inviting them to face more of these preventable tragedies.

While this is bad policy, the Biden government likely realizes that this could be good policy for them. By considering this new policy to be “humane,” it creates the conditions for demonizing its opponents as heartless, racist, or both, to indicate that this will lead to an increasing degradation of our borders. In other words, the Biden government is essentially using pregnant women and their children as human shields to advance their anti-border agenda. They know that pregnant women generate almost universal compassion and that they can justify their anti-border policies by highlighting their plight.

The fact that some pregnant women perish during the dangerous trip to the United States and the others are unlikely to have to be hospitalized seems to be of little concern to this government. It doesn’t matter to the Biden government that all of this is costing American taxpayers immensely and further undermining our national security. It seems most important for Joe Biden and his administration that they now have a way to justify the misconduct on the border for their own political gain.

Biden’s immigration policy was extremely unpopular with a recent poll show that only 33 percent of Americans approve of his approach to the subject. Few things are currently more unpopular than the Biden government’s anti-border agenda, but few people inspire more sympathy than pregnant women. The Biden government appears to be hoping that by merging the two, it can silence critics and divert attention from the border crisis it is causing.

Dale L. Wilcox is Executive Director and General Counsel at Institute for Immigration Reform Law, a public interest law firm that defends the rights and interests of the American people from the negative effects of mass migration.

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