Brit who was swept away by wave trying to rescue dogs is found dead in Tonga, brother says


A British woman who went missing after a huge volcanic eruption underwater Rocked Tonga was found dead, her family said, in the first reported death in the Pacific island nation.

The brother of Angela Glover, who ran an animal rescue center, said the 50-year-old died after being swept away by a wave. Nick Eleini said his sister’s body had been found and her husband James survived, the BBC reported.

“I understand that this horrible accident happened while they were trying to save their dogs,” Eleini said in a video statement released by Sky News.

Angela Glover


Eleini said it was his sister’s dream to live in the South Pacific and “she loved her life there”.

Glover has lived in Tonga since he married James, he said, and they are “popular with locals and expats alike.”

“Angela and James loved their life in Tonga and adored the Tongan people. They especially loved the Tongan love of family and Tongan culture,” he said.

Eleini said his sister was “a beautiful woman” who would “walk into a room and just brighten it up with her presence.”

After they married and moved to Tonga in 2015, James opened a tattoo parlor and Angela founded the Tonga Animal Welfare Society, Eleini said.

She had “a deep love for dogs” and her organization protected and rehabilitated stray animals before attempting to find homes for them, he added.

“The uglier the dog, the more she loved him,” he said. “She just loved them all, she totally went for it.”

New Zealand and Australia could send military Surveillance flights to Tonga on Monday to assess the damage.

A towering ash plume since Saturday’s eruption had prevented earlier flights. New Zealand hopes to send essential supplies, including much-needed drinking water, via a military transport plane on Tuesday.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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