British police officer David Warburton in psychiatric hospital after allegations of sexual harassment and cocaine use


A British politician was admitted to a psychiatric hospital on Sunday after allegations surfaced that he had sexually molested women, snorted “line after line” of cocaine and borrowed £100,000 from a Russian businessman, according to a report.

Tory MP David Warburton has been suspended from his Conservative party and has gone to hospital due to severe shock and stress, his wife Harriet told the Times of Sunday, which first reported the allegations.

Warburton is being investigated by the UK Parliament’s independent investigative body after a newspaper report detailed his alleged actions.

He is said to have “snorted line after line” of cocaine and then stripped naked, and a picture of him dated February 1 shows the supposed father of the family next to what appear to be lines of the illegal drug.

Warburton, a father of two, is also accused of groping the woman he got into a drug addiction with. He had this woman buy him cocaine and told her the price – £160 for two grams – was a good deal, according to the Times.

Two other women, former assistants to the politician, have accused him of unintentionally touching him and making sexual remarks, the British newspaper reported.

Warburton was hospitalized due to severe shock and stress.

The pol was previously a harsh critic of the illegal drug trade and railed against the exploitation of young people in the House of Commons.

He is also accused of financial impropriety for borrowing £100,000 from Russian businessman Roman Joukovski, who has been accused of questionable business practices by UK regulators.

Warburton has represented an affluent rural area in South West England since 2015.

David Warburton MP
Warburton is said to have groped several women with whom he was drug addicts.

He declined to comment on the allegations, according to the Times of Sunday.

But he told the Sunday Telegraph: “I’ve got a tremendous amount of defense but unfortunately the way things work means that doesn’t come out first.

“I haven’t heard from the Independent Complaints and Grievance Scheme at all. I’m sorry I can’t comment further.”

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