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Alliance for Free Citizens is a new conservative grassroots organization based in the USA.

After the 2020 elections, conservatives, nationalists and populists found themselves in the political wilderness. With Democrats holding a slim majority in both houses of Congress and an aging Joe Biden shifting his priorities to his progressive staff, President Trump’s supporters have no seat at the decision-making desk to carry out their agenda in Washington. At best, they can only hope to stop the right-wing extremist agenda of the Democrats in the House and Senate.

Conservatives have been in this place before. Even when there was a divided government and Republicans controlled only one branch of government, the Conservatives still lacked significant influence on the national political agenda. The most recent example was after the Republican landslide in 2010 that gave the party a large majority in the House.

In these cases, conservatives successfully turned to state lawmakers for victories in the areas of abortion, gun rights, and immigration. Proponents of President Trump’s America First Agenda have begun to do the same.

A new organization, Alliance for Free Citizens, has compiled America First policy proposals on immigration, COVID restrictions, electoral integrity, critical racial theory, and promoting marriage and traditional families.

The goal of such groups is to use political power positively for the benefit of the electorate. Unlike old conservative organizations that only focus on cutting taxes or reducing corporate regulations, Alliance for Free Citizens wants to use the government to promote social, tax and cultural policies that appeal to conservative voters and translate their worldview.

In terms of electoral integrity, which is vital to Republicans after the 2020 election, the Alliance for Free Citizens has proposed bills that require proof of American citizenship to be registered. They also refine and secure the postal voting process, including banning the acceptance of ballots after election day, imposing strict signature and witness requirements, and ending postal voting without apology.

Other important topics for the organization are the COVID Freedom Act, which would prevent mandatory vaccinations, keep places of worship open and prevent extensive business closings. It has also drafted immigration enforcement bills such as the SITE Act, which would tax illegal aliens ‘remittances, refuse bail to criminal aliens, and prohibit corporations from deducting illegal aliens’ wages as business expenses.

While these political ideas may seem traditionally conservative, the Alliance for Free Citizens also focuses on ideas of race and family in a way that departs from the usual Republican talking points.

The Alliance for Free Citizens drafted the TRUE law prohibiting government funds from going to educational institutions that teach critical racial theory. The gun economy against progressives in schools, which these institutions use to teach white Americans to be ashamed of their skin color, is not a concept thought of by Republicans studying the Reagan era.

Another political proposal that deviates from the laissez-faire wing of the GOP is an incentive program to promote marriage and children. Couples who have been married for at least a year receive a tax credit of $ 500 if they have one child, $ 1,000 if they have two, and $ 1,300 if they have three children, either biologically or by adoption had. By offering a tax credit, working class families would receive direct payments.

Lawmakers in Arizona, Kansas, Nebraska, and Pennsylvania have already signed all or part of the policy proposals, and many more are ready to follow suit.

By focusing on these policies at the state level, the Alliance for Free Citizens hopes to continue the work started by President Trump and populists in his administration to make the government more responsive to the working class and the people who vote for Republican politicians. For too long the GOP has focused on the ideological battles of bygone days, and in these trifles it has lost the role of the state in improving the lives of its citizens, especially those who vote for them. The guidelines and proposals advocated by Alliance for Free Citizens will point the way to a more America First GOP, at least at the state level.

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