CA man is suing Twitter over Trump ban


The notoriously controversial self-described sex addict from California, best known for suing Twitch for masturbation injuries allegedly caused by the video streaming platform’s “scantily clad players”, has a new target – this time a lawsuit against Twitter Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rep. Ilhan Omar on the “arrogant pain and suffering” caused by the social media giant’s ban on President Donald Trump.

In an 11-page legal document filed in the Northern District of California on Tuesday, Erik Estavillo argues that he is entitled to $ 88.7 million in compensation, the reinstatement of Trump’s account and a ban on retaliation from the AOC and Omar who use the platform to “promote Eastern communist philosophies”.

Estavillo, who represents himself on the case, claims on the file that he ran for Congress himself last year and that he has “no friends” and because of a variety of illnesses including depression, agoraphobia, Crohn’s disease and obsessive-compulsive disorder relies on social media as its only way to participate in political discourse.

“The Disabled Americans Act should protect him from such outrageous behavior by Twitter,” the lawsuit said. “Nowhere else does he have his first rights of amendment to freedom of expression.”

The core of his legal title seems to center on the idea that being on Twitter is like living in a “corporate town” like Pullman, Illinois or Hershey, Pennsylvania that he cannot physically leave. The lawsuit cites the case law from the 1946 judgment in Marsh v. Alabama.

In an exclusive statement to The Post, Estavillo said he was a Democrat and supported Bernie Sanders in last year’s primary election, but sees this lawsuit as a way to protect the American people’s first right of amendment online.

“We are not China and we shouldn’t strive for it,” he said. “Let’s do what’s right so we can all sleep well at the end of the day.”

Estavillo also says he plans to file more lawsuits against other social media companies that have given Trump the boot since then.

On the other hand, the lawsuit also argues that the arson style of AOC and Ilhan Omar as well as the public roles have damaged his “psyche” – and that they should therefore be banned from the platform.

Among the many allegations to show why the two “Squad” members should purge their accounts, Estavillo seems to suggest that one reason is AOC’s reluctance to date him.

“AOC even has a white boyfriend, but would never think of meeting a Mexican like the plaintiff,” the lawsuit said. “You are hypocrite.”

Estavillo says the line was simply meant to “emphasize that I believe not everyone is what they say they are”.

He also notes that Ilhan Omar’s computer system appeared “very expensive” in a recent Twitch appearance, which “most poor and disenfranchised people cannot afford before the COVID-19 pandemic”.

Representatives from Rep. Ocasio-Cortez and Rep. Omar did not immediately respond to a request for comment – although Omar tweeted “Bless Her Heart” on Tuesday in response to news of the lawsuit. A spokesman for Twitter told the Post the company had “no comment at this point”.

Estavillo has also filed unsuccessful lawsuits against Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo and Blizzard Entertainment in the past, according to The Sun.

In response to critics calling these lawsuits stunts, Estavillo said, “It’s all about perspective.”

“The thing about lawsuits is – what is frivolous to one person is not frivolous to another.”

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