California motorcyclist hit by flying truck in terrifying Malibu crash video


Shocking video captured what a motorcyclist saw at a Malibu stoplight seconds before a huge pickup truck crashed into him.

The chilling video appears to show the point of view of the motorcyclist involved in a three-vehicle collision on November 14 that left the driver of a stolen car dead, as reported by Los Angeles Police Department.

In the video, the unidentified motorcyclist can be seen calmly waiting to turn left onto Kanan Dume Road off the busy Pacific Coast Highway.

Despite several cars driving on the busy highway, a black SUV swerves off Kanan Dune Road to get between the passing cars, but crashes into the back of a large gray pickup truck.

The motorcyclist didn’t have time to react as the pickup slammed forward.
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In no time at all, the Spinning Truck flies straight at the motorcyclist, while a ladder and other materials are thrown out of the bed.

The motorcyclist miraculously survived the harrowing ordeal and was taken to the hospital, the Malibu Times reported, although his condition was not clear. The condition of the truck driver is still unknown.

The driver of the speeding SUV, whose theft was discovered about an hour before the crash, died shortly after the accident.

The unnamed driver hit about a half-dozen median warning markers after descending an incline at high speed, a sheriff’s spokesman told ABC 7.

The pickup driver's condition is still unknown and he has yet to be named by officials.

The pickup driver’s condition is still unknown and he has yet to be named by officials.

Pickup truck coming towards the bike.

Fortunately, the motorcyclist survived the accident.

Moment Truck meets the bike.

The driver of the SUV who crashed into the pickup truck died after the horrific crash.

After impacting the truck, the SUV struck a 30-foot embankment and landed upside down.

Bystanders tried to rescue the driver from the mangled car, but it caught fire and exploded before the driver could escape, sources said. The driver was airlifted to the hospital but later died.

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