Canadian health worker drowns on Facebook live stream


A healthcare worker drowned in a pool during a Facebook livestream last week – to the horror of her family and friends in Kenya.

Hellen Nyabuto, 24, died Thursday while swimming in a motel pool in Chatsworth, Ontario, according to the Toronto Star.

Nyabuto moved to Canada from Kenya in 2018 and worked in a long-term care residence.

Nyabuto live-streamed the fatal incident and, according to the newspaper, was seen smiling, swimming and speaking to online viewers from the shallow end of the pool.

After moving to the deep end, she appeared to be struggling and could hear calls for help after moving out of the creek’s frame.

The feed then went silent for hours until other motel visitors were seen getting into the pool and discovering Nyabuto’s lifeless body, the article said. The live stream has since been removed from Facebook.

Nyabuto smiles as she walks down the sidewalk in an undated picture.
Nyabuto had sent money to her family in Africa, a friend said.

Nyabuto moved to Canada in 2018 and worked at a long-term care residence in Toronto’s northwest suburbs, according to the outlet.

“Hellen was the breadwinner for her family back home. She supported them and that left a big void,” Alfonce Nyamwaya, Nyabuto’s close friend, reportedly said.

“She worked with seniors until the very end,” she added. “She really had a passion for it.”

Nyabuto has not returned home since moving abroad, and family members are trying to raise enough money to bring her body home while they plan to come to Toronto, Nyamwaya reportedly said.

“We need prayers. We need financial support.”

The friend and former college classmate also told the newspaper Nyamwaya’s family wanted to dispel rumors spreading in Kenya that her death was the result of foul play.

“Let the family mourn in peace. Let Hellen rest. It was an accident.”

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