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In-depth administration is tearing down Trump’s progress bit by bit

A group of migrants wearing T-shirts that read “Biden, please let us in” kneel and pray at the border crossing. The group gathered and marched to the border post to apply for asylum with the new US administration. (Photo by Stringer / Getty Images)

What is currently happening on the border and in the United States regarding illegal immigration is misrepresented by the Biden administration and much of the media. Most nightly television shows don’t even mention the chaos on the border, what is causing it and what the government is doing in response. In doing so, they are simply copying the administration’s imprecise and misleading discussion points.

There is currently an increase on the border. Border Patrol arrests more than 4,000 people every day. Last week there was a day that over 4,700 people were arrested. They expect an additional 500-1,000 people to escape the concern every day. Those who escape are estimated based on sensor traffic and camera travel, which Border Patrol was unable to respond to quickly.

It’s likely to be illegally crossed more than 120,000 a month, or 1.4 million a year at that rate. That’s an unprecedented increase, especially among children and family groups. That is not a border under control.

Thankfully, adult title 42 (COVID restriction) is still there so many of those who enter can be flipped right back, but that will end soon. It is already being ignored by the Biden government as more than 108 positive cases have already entered the country illegally and were quickly released. When title 42 disappears for good, the border is lost.

So why is the limit rising when illegal crossings were at an all-time low a few months ago? The answer is simple and you don’t have to be a frontier specialist to understand. That’s because the Biden administration is tearing down the strides that President Trump has made bit by bit. They stopped building the wall. They finished the Remain in Mexico program. They stopped 90 percent of domestic enforcement by taking U.S. Immigration and Customs (ICE) out of play. They promise free health care for those who enter the country illegally. They promise mass amnesty and reward DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) recipients with citizenship.

The first point that needs to be made clear is that the wall works. The dates are clear. The Biden administration says it’s not working. They lie. The data clearly shows that wherever they built the wall, illegal immigration has decreased. It is a fact, but they refuse to actually look at the dates and facts because they are not playing with their false narrative. Where is the climb happening right now? Where there is no wall.

The Remain in Mexico program was designed to address the massive volume of fraudulent asylum applications. The policy that President Trump stopped was to allow asylum seekers to use the asylum gap to get into the US and disappear. Again, the data is clear. Justice Department statistics clearly show that around 90 percent of all Central Americans who enter this country and apply for asylum are never exonerated by the courts because they simply do not qualify or never appear in court. It is a fact.

In response, the Biden administration is now allowing them to know again that most of them will not qualify and will flee to America and go into hiding. You’ll be hiding long enough for the next giveaway, whether it’s amnesty or DACA. This administration also ignores the data and facts. Less than 3 percent of the nearly one million family units that have illegally entered this country since fiscal year 2012 left after their deportation. And while they’re here, many of them will qualify for work permits and compete with middle-class Americans in a tough job market.

They crippled ICE by removing almost 90 percent of its authority to make arrests. If you look at who has arrested ICE over the past few years, almost 90 percent could not be arrested today because of the guidelines imposed by this government. Although the data clearly shows that 91 percent of all ICE arrested last year had a criminal conviction or had criminal charges pending, the administration felt they had fewer criminals to further prioritize and arrest. This was the highest percentage of criminals ever.

They say it was needed because of ICE’s limited resources, which is a bleak lie. In the 2012 financial year, ICE arrested and deported over 409,000 people. Last year, ICE arrested just over 103,000. They only arrested a quarter of what they did to the same number of agents in fiscal year 12. So explain to me how you now have limited resources. Again, Biden and his team ignored the facts and data and reduced the remaining 25 percent by another 90 percent. It’s a simple math, but the administration chose to use this bureaucratic line of “limited resources”, another falsehood.

This constant reward for illegal behavior will cause our immigration system to fail over and over again. They refuse to learn from previous lessons. Joe Biden was Vice President for Fiscal Year 12 when 409,000 were removed. He was there even during the rise of Fiscal Year 15. He knows how we stopped the wave. We did it by arresting people until they saw a judge. We did it by taking away the temptations. We did this by enforcing the law on the border and within the US.

ICE worked to remove those who crossed the border illegally and were removed by a judge. We have shown that violating the law has consequence and deterrence and our country would enforce our laws. This was particularly necessary for criminals and those who used loopholes to file fraudulent asylum applications who steal that protection from people around the world who rightly need protection from persecution.

However, they are deliberately ignoring the facts, data, and lessons learned. How are you dealing with this current surge? By doing the opposite of what works. After being released to the US, most of them know they don’t qualify and stay away from it all. By not holding her long enough to see a judge. By not allowing illegal aliens to be arrested for not having been convicted of a serious crime, ICE means that they are free at home and no one is looking for them. By allowing them to work illegally because they have also revoked ICE’s authority to conduct investigations in the workplace.

This is a cross-border ideology at the expense of the taxpayer American citizen and American worker. Over 90 percent of the criminals ICE used for deportation will stay in our neighborhood. People pay taxes and expect to be safe from crime, and this government has turned its back on them. You can call it what you want, but we don’t allow you to lie, distort, or misrepresent what you are really doing.

Tom Homan is the former acting director of Immigration and Customs Control and a Senior Fellow at the Immigration Reform Law Institute.


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