COVID-19 is spreading in numerous clubs


This might not be the best weekend to bet on the Premier League.

Games are canceled in England as numerous clubs grapple with COVID-19 outbreaks. Five weekend games have already been postponed due to COVID cases. Below is a list of games still available Thursday night.

The uncertain status of games across the league makes betting on games in advance a dangerous idea. If you want to bet, make sure the game is happening and take a look at the teams before you do so. Because teams don’t reveal the identities of players who either test positive for COVID-19 or are in isolation, you’ll have to wait for team sheets to be released before deciding to risk your hard-earned cash.

If you want to bet, here are this weekend’s odds for the games still scheduled as of Thursday morning in the United States. Odds are from BetMGM and all matches are played on Saturdays unless otherwise stated.

Aston Villa vs Burnley (over/under 2.5 goals)

  • Aston Villa (-140)

  • Burnley (+360)

  • tie (+290)

Burnley are just a point clear of last place despite their goal difference in 15 games being just -7. That’s a better goal difference than Everton’s 14th-place finish in just one more game. Villa are still the pick here because the game is home, although a draw wouldn’t be too surprising.

Leeds v Arsenal (2.5)

  • Leeds (+290)

  • Armory (-115)

  • Tie (+280)

Leeds were brutal in a massive loss to Man City this week, while Arsenal looked very good against West Ham. We wouldn’t be stunned if there was a draw.

Wolves vs Chelsea (2.5) [Sunday]

  • Wolves (+525)

  • Chelsea (-175)

  • Tie (+280)

Chelsea should take care of business here, although Wolves have been competitive against Man City and Liverpool of late. Wolves only lost 1-0 to City despite dropping to 10 men just before half-time.

Manchester City vs Newcastle United (3.5) [Sunday]

  • Newcastle (+1250)

  • Manchester City (-550)

  • Tie (+650)

Bet the over. It’s +105 and Man City are in top form at the moment. Newcastle could concede a lot of goals.

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