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Organized crime groups have come up with a new phishing bait to trick people into giving away their financial details by claiming they have been selected for treatment, taking advantage of the successful introduction of vaccinations in the UK.

Unlike many COVID-19 Phishing email campaigns, the new criminal effort, are linking to websites that are convincingly designed to resemble official government domains and are spelled with no misspellings, according to email security firm Mimecast.

“The NHS is conducting an election for Coronavirus Vaccination based on family genetics and medical history, “the phishing bait incorrectly states, before prompting the potential victim to click a link to accept and book the vaccination.

The compelling fake email tries to trick users into clicking on a link. Image: Mimecast

The scam can be persuasive to people based on the design of the email and phishing website, as well as the credible sounding claims of the new NHS selection criteria.

The fake website referred to in the email is used to collect the victims’ personal information, including their names, dates of birth and financial card details.

These could either be used directly for fraud by the criminals or they could be resold in bulk for other criminals to take advantage of.

It precedes the government on Tuesday and announced that around 1.7 million more people in England will then be put on the screening list a new algorithm identified them considered seriously threatened by the virus.

However, government identification is based on multiple factors including age, ethnicity, body mass index, other health conditions, and also the zip code, which indicates the extent of deprivation – not family genetics or generic medical history.

Carl Wearn, a former metropolitan police officer and now head of cyber investigation at Mimecast, told Sky News, “The pandemic has resulted in organized criminals finding new ways to make money.”

The NHS will never ask you for financial details. Image: Mimecast
The NHS will never ask you for financial details. Image: Mimecast

Mr Wearn said Mimecast tracked the organized criminals behind the current campaign even though they couldn’t offer Sky News an attribution.

But he said they are usually known for small, targeted campaigns, and that the compelling design of the messages suggests the criminals believed their investment in a more credible scam would end up paying off more than using less credible bait , but sent him to more people.

Even so, according to Mimecast, this group, which specialize in low-volume targeted attacks and where previous phishing campaigns allegedly came from delivery services, online television subscriptions and even UK council taxes, has nearly five times as many phishing emails sent out as it has done in previous campaigns.

Mr. Wearn warned, “Don’t click any suspicious links or open unexpected email attachments. If you have any concerns about whether any vaccine information is legitimate, call your GP or use some independent means to check the website . “

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