Cristiano Ronaldo furious after Portugal’s winning goal was denied


Cristiano Ronaldo is angry and has good reasons. While playing for Portugal in a World Cup qualifier against Serbia on Saturday, his last-minute winning goal was not allowed.

Only a few seconds left in stoppage time and the 2-2 draw, Ronaldo cleverly cut the ball out of the air on his first touch and rolled over the goal line. Serbian defender Stefan Mitrović slipped to get the ball back out before rolling again and it was decided that the ball had not completely crossed the line.

No VAR or goal-line technology is used in qualifying for the European Championship. The decision of the linesman and the referee was made, and Ronaldo was also upset.

Cristiano Ronaldo was furious after the referee turned down his winning goal for Portugal in a World Cup qualifier against Serbia. (Photo by Srdjan Stevanovic / Getty Images)

Ronaldo’s reaction

Once the goal was denied, Ronaldo disagreed and heavily disagreed. He received a yellow card, but that didn’t deter him. He used his hands to show how far the ball had rolled over the goal line before the defender kicked it out. He waved his arms around. And finally he tore off his captain’s armband, threw it on the ground, and stomped off the field.

Hours after the game, Ronaldo posted his feelings on Instagram and they were translated by ESPN. Was he still angry? You bet your cute bippy was him.

That unacceptable goal will stick with Ronaldo for a while. And the umpire’s alleged apology will likely only make it worse.

Admitting he was wrong is adult and mature. But with literally no way for the referee to get it right, Ronaldo is unlikely to feel any better. It can only make him angrier.

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