Cristiano Ronaldo’s discarded armband was auctioned in Serbia


Cristiano Ronaldo’s illegal goal for Portugal benefited Serbia in Saturday’s World Cup qualifiers and now it could help a Serbian boy with a genetic disorder.

The captain’s armband, which Ronaldo furiously threw down after his game winner was denied permission, is being auctioned in Serbia, according to the Associated Press. A stadium worker reportedly took the armband and gave it to a Serbian charity that was using it to raise money for a six-month-old boy with spinal muscle wasting.

The group, which was not identified, told the Associated Press that the armband would be auctioned for three days.

Cristiano Ronaldo furiously threw his captain’s armband on the ground after his match winner was denied qualifying for the World Cup against Serbia. Now this armband is being auctioned to help a sick child. (Photo by Srdjan Stevanovic / Getty Images)

The history of the armband

The vast majority of captaincy armbands are not specific enough to warrant an auction, but it played a large role in Serbia’s 2-2 draw with Portugal on Saturday.

When the injury period came to an end, Ronaldo tried to end the stalemate. He snapped the ball out of the air and sent it to the goal. In the end, he rolled over the goal line before Serbian defender Stefan Mitrović slid back to kick him out.

On television it was relatively clear that the ball had crossed the goal line. Unfortunately for Portugal and Ronaldo, the referee didn’t see the ball over the line so he didn’t think the goal was good. And since VAR or goal-line technology is not used in qualifying for the European Championship, the verdict was clear.

This is where the armband comes in. Ronaldo, outraged by the decision, started having a fit. After a few hand gestures and waving his arms, Ronaldo ended the ad by tearing his captain’s armband from his arm, throwing it to the ground and walking off the field.

As if that wasn’t dramatic enough, Ronaldo later said that the entire Portuguese nation was “harmed” by the inadmissible goal.

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