Danny Masterson’s accuser was questioned by the defense


One of Danny Masterson’s rape accusers was hammered on the witness stand over apparently contradictory statements she made to police Thursday.

The woman, who used the name Jen B. in court, was emotional and visibly frustrated when defense attorney Philip Cohen questioned her about numerous police reports detailing the alleged April 2003 rape that she claimed took place at the home of the actor in Hollywood Hills.

On the third day of the trial in Los Angeles Superior Court, Cohen questioned Jen B. about an LAPD detective’s report.

It said Masterson allegedly apologized after he accidentally touched her anus with his penis during sex — behavior that would hardly be characteristic of violent rape.

Cohen gave Jen B. a copy of the report to read, but she said she didn’t recall speaking to that particular investigator when she reported the rape in 2004, about a year after it happened.

Masterson will appear in court in September 2020 on rape allegations against him.

“Yes, I agree it’s in that report, but I don’t remember what that person looked like,” Jen B. said of the detective in question.

Masterson, 46, is facing 45 years in prison for incidents between 2001 and 2003 for the violent rape of three women – Jen B., Christina B. and N. Trout.

Cohen also grilled Jen B. about a conversation she had with Masterson the day after the alleged rape in April 2003.

In another police report, Jen B. claimed that when Masterson told her they were having sex, her response was a surprised “What?”

Jen B. broke down and struggled to explain what she meant.

“I wanted it to be untrue,” she said. “I could not believe it. I didn’t want to believe it.”

Cohen also asked Jen B. about two photos taken days after the alleged 2003 rape, in which she claimed Masterson put her wrists back and choked her.

Masterson’s faces multiple rape allegations.
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In the police report, Jen B. said she was “covered with bruises.”

She also told police that her “pain level 10/10” is in her anus and she feels like “someone punched her in the vagina.”

However, the two photos presented to the jury on Thursday showed a smiling Jen in a bikini. B. without visible bruises or scars.

“Since when are you covered in bruises?” asked Cohen.

“I started bruising all over Saturday and Sunday … enough that people questioned her, and I changed certain things as a result,” Jen B. replied.

When asked if she was in severe pain and covered in bruises at the time of the recording, Jen B. replied, “Yes.”

Cohen pestered her and asked, “Where’s the shocking picture?” but Jen B. was told not to answer after the judge upheld the prosecutors’ objection.

Jen B. also seemed puzzled when Cohen asked her a series of questions about events that happened after the alleged April 2003 rape incident, which she said Masterson drew a gun on and choked her.

Cohen described the scene the next morning as Jen B. Masterson was about to leave Masterson’s house and encountered his friend Luke Watson.

Masterson is a member of the Church of Scientology.

“Did you ever tell Luke you were choked?” Cohen asked.

“No,” said Jen B.

“Have you ever told Luke that Masterson pointed a gun at you?” the attorney asked.

“Yes,” she replied.

“When you left the house, you don’t remember being choked,” Cohen said.

“No,” she said.

“Did you tell Luke Watson that a gun was pointed at you?” Cohen asked a second time.

“No,” Jen B replied.

When asked if detectives had told her not to speak to other alleged victims or potential witnesses, Jen B. said she was in fact instructed by the LAPD to record all conversations she had with members of the Church of Scientology.

However, in an interview with police officers in 2017, Jen B. said she was told not to speak to other alleged victims.

“I said [Christina B.] I couldn’t speak and we both cried… I wish her the best of luck,” Jen B. said through tears.

Scientology has previously said it was “inappropriate to comment on a pending criminal case” in the Masterson case.

Masterson has pleaded not guilty to all charges. If convicted, he faces a life sentence of 45 years.

Cohen will continue his cross-examination of Jen B. on Friday.

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