Dem-Socialist candidate Rebecca Parson calls for burglaries in vacant houses


Democratic congressional candidate from Washington Rebecca Parson has a bold idea to get Congress to pass a housing bill: a million people to break into empty houses.

Parson, a member of the Democratic Socialists of America, is running for Washington’s 6th congressional district. In a video ad, she outlined what she and her followers can do if she wins.

“Imagine I proposed a Housing for All bill in Congress, then imagine you, I and a million of our friends took action and squatted empty homes across the country. They couldn’t ignore us,” Parson says in the ad.

“Nobody’s ever done anything like this,” Parson continues. “That’s why it will work.”

Fox News reached out to Parsons’ campaign for details of the plan, but they didn’t immediately respond.

On the surface, the strategy appears to be trespassing, a misdemeanor in Washington, although state law states that abandoning property is a defense.

Building occupations are nothing new to Parson. In 2020 she was spokesperson for the group Tacoma Housing Now, which organized a group of homeless people in 16 rooms of a motel in Fife, Washington. The group paid for rooms one night and then asked city and state governments to make the payment as people refused to leave, according to local KING5.

People finally left after six days when the police showed up and ordered them to get out.

Parson, who says she was homeless herself, also has an atypical position on minimum wage. While those further left in the Democratic Party often support a $15 minimum wage, Parson would prefer to double that.

“The minimum wage should not be $7.25. It shouldn’t be €15. It should be $30,” she tweeted, adding that this is “the bare minimum in any county in the US for an adult with a child to be able to afford housing, food, health care and basic needs.”

Parson previously ran for Congress in 2020 and lost in the primary.

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