Do you need some space? You can now buy 7 billion year old stardust and parts of the Moon and Mars


If you’re looking for an extraordinary gift this Valentine’s Day, an auction house has rare meteorite pieces from the moon, Mars and Beyond – for just $ 250.

In an online sale beginning Tuesday, February 9, Christie’s auction house is auctioning 72 meteorites – solid debris from celestial objects such as comets and asteroids that arrive on Earth as they are Shooting starssomehow they manage to survive their journey through our atmosphere to land on the surface.

“The weight of every known meteorite is less than the world’s annual gold production, and this sale provides spectacular examples for any collector, available at estimates ranging from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of dollars,” the auction house wrote on its website.

The collection includes a meteorite with 7 billion year old stardust, space gems encased in iron and the fourth largest lunar disk. A big piece Mars rocksThe estimated $ 30,000 to $ 50,000 value includes bubbles from the planet’s atmosphere.

“The most beautiful alien substance known – the tail of the Fukang meteorite.” Estimate: $ 3,500-4,500.


According to Christie’s, there are a dozen samples from the moon and Marsand another dozen previously housed in famous museums around the world.

“Everyone has a picture of what a meteorite should look like – an extraterrestrial body that is smoothly heated as it pierces Earth’s atmosphere,” James Hyslop, director of science and natural history at Christie’s, said in a statement. “Seldom do the objects survive this fiery descent and look like the common ideal of this meteorite. It is a miracle and an honor to have been entrusted with its sale.”

One object in the collection never landed on the floor – a boy in Morocco found the meteorite in the branches of a tree one day after the other Meteor shower – It’s worth an estimated $ 15,000 to $ 25,000. Another comes from the USA. ‘Biggest meteor shower in Odessa, Texas, expects $ 40,000 to $ 60,000.

“If there was ever a time to be struck by the infinity of the night sky, we live in it, but if you want to inspire and see your eyes open, touch a meteorite,” said curator Darryl Pitt.

“Gibeon Meteorite – Natural Exotic Sculpture from Space.” Estimate: $ 15,000- $ 25,000.


The auction house said one of the highlights of the sale is a 16-pound “highly aesthetically oriented stone meteorite” that sells for $ 50,000 to $ 80,000.

“Unlike 99% of all other meteorites, this meteorite did not topple or reverse when it fell to Earth, but rather maintained a stable orientation during its descent,” the auction house said. “The surface facing the earth shows elongated flight tracks that radiate outwards in this convincing, extraterrestrial aerodynamic shape.”

The meteorites were found all over the world, from the Sahara to Chile to Russia.

The “Deep Impact: Mars, Moon and Other Rare Meteorites” auction runs until February 23. Interested buyers in New York can see them in person by appointment.

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