Donald Trump banned from YouTube over concerns about “persistent violence” | US news


Donald Trump was banned from uploading videos to YouTube “amid concerns about the continuing potential for violence,” the platform said.

YoutubeThe company, owned by Google’s parent company Alphabet, said it removed new content from the president’s channel on Tuesday for violating its guidelines.

Mr. Trump will not be able to upload anything “for at least seven days,” said a spokesman.

This means that he will not be able to send YouTube videos to his 2.76 million subscribers beforehand Joe Biden replaces him on January 20th.

The president uploaded eight new videos on Tuesday, including one telling reporters that “Big Tech made a terrible mistake” by banning it.

The YouTube ban follows similar ones Twitter, Facebook and Instagramwho have all paused Mr Trump’s reports on fears he could spark further violence following the riot on Capitol Hill last Wednesday.

Google and Apple were also forced to remove alternate websites Parler From their app stores this week over concerns, the far-right friendly platform may have been used by the president to spread misinformation.

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It also comes after US campaign group Stop Hate For Profit threatened to organize a boycott of 1,000 advertisers if YouTube doesn’t take its account offline.

“If YouTube doesn’t agree to us and joins the other platforms to ban Trump, we’ll go to the advertisers,” said organizer Jim Steyer.

Mainstream broadcasters in the US also seem unwilling to provide a platform to Mr Trump after many, including CNN and Fox News, failed to deliver his speech on Tuesday in Alamo, Texas.

They decided instead to stream the latest hearing into the investigation into violence that caught Washington, DC on January 6th.

More than 170 people are examined and 70 were calculated over the riots and looting of Capitol buildings that took place as votes of the electoral college were counted in Congress.

Mr Trump had told his supporters to march to the Capitol and repeat false claims that Mr Biden “stole” the November election.

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