Donna Brazile’s racial madness puts American communities at risk


Loose lips sank ships and caused slaughter at sea during World War II. But open lips today – berating the Democratic Party and the brutality of the Black Lives Matter police force – are causing bloodbaths in downtown America.

Donna Brazile, a Democrat, recently wrote this in the in Wall Street Journal:

As a black woman, I have experienced a lot of discrimination … [I]In the past year, I’ve seen the same videos and read the same reports that millions of people around the world have seen – pictures of cops killing unarmed black people in American cities. I cried over these horrific murders.


Except that it’s really not right, most of the time it’s wrong. People in public policy should know better.

Last year that author was followed by Catherine McGehee, the headmistress (you can still say “headmistress” but not “headmistress” and certainly not “janitor”, at least not at Yale) at Foxcroft, a girls’ high school in Middleburg, Virginia. McGehee had said: “We are struggling with the loss of even more unarmed black men and women who, unfortunately, continue to be the cruel legacy of our nation’s racist history.” We noted that if Ms. McGehee had bothered to determine how many “unarmed black men and women” had been “lost”, she might not have had to fight that much.

Had McGehee bothered looking up the statistics, she would have found that in the year she struggled so much, only one unarmed black woman was killed by the police and nine unarmed black men. Of the 10 killings, only two resulted in criminal prosecution because the rest were considered justified.

Ms. McGehee heads a secondary education organization, while Ms. Brazile, on the contrary [see below], is a public policy expert – she helped Hillary Clinton cheat on one of her debates with Donald Trump, and she is a former chair of the Democratic National Committee.

On the contrary“Incidentally,” means “on the contrary” in French, a language that many schools have probably given up, just as Princeton has given up requiring Latin and Greek in the classics department (!), Because the “history of our own department bears witness to it”. to the place of the classics in the long arc of systemic racism. “

How many of them are not prosecuted is something a viewer cannot tell when watching police killings on television. Even so, there doesn’t seem to be enough to justify Brazile’s formulation (“Images of cops killing unarmed blacks in American cities”), which obviously implies multiple images. But that was her sentence and it was written in a column, not an ad-lib interview.

Perhaps Ms. Brazile thinks two unjustified killings are a scandal that will require a full uprooting of the police and the broader criminal justice system. But adults, at least those who don’t help cheating on exams, might think about that number (it was two) relative to the United States’ population of about 340 million.

Back in the real world, the Defund the Police movement has now wreaked havoc and death primarily in black communities, and you might think this would get special attention from the likes of Donna Brazile.

Murder is everywhere. According to the Criminal Justice Council, “Murders, grievous bodily harm and gun attacks increased significantly from late May and June 2020. They rose by 42 percent in summer and 34 percent in autumn compared to summer and autumn of that year ”. 2019. “This trend has continued. The number of murders rose 800 percent in Portland, 56 percent in Minneapolis, 40 percent in Philadelphia and 27 percent in Los Angeles.

Some people blame the Chinese flu for this, but murder rates in other countries have not increased. However, crime rates have skyrocketed in this country, where the Democrats have “reinvented” policing, woken up for being paid or dismissed – even as Princeton did newly invented the classics by doing without Latin and Greek.

Brazile’s article may have been primarily about anti-Semitism, but someone in her position clearly cannot resist playing the race card. Too bad she couldn’t waste a few tears on the dozen of black Americans killed by other black Americans in the city centers in the past few months, if not – alas? – on national television. Now there is a scandal that far exceeds the misconduct of the police.

But unfortunately, for the people of the city center, this carnage is not a scandal that Republicans can easily blame, and so it is forgotten or ignored – as World War II is likely to be soon. Finally, President Roosevelt described it as “a struggle to preserve our republic, our religion and our civilization,” which is inconsistent with the ideology that has awakened.

Daniel Oliver is Chairman of the Board of the Education and Research Institute and Director of the Pacific Research Institute for Public Policy in San Francisco. In addition to serving as Chairman of the Federal Trade Commission under President Reagan, he was editor-in-chief and subsequently chairman of the board of William F. Buckley, Jr.’s National review.

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