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Almost 11 million people landed on Mars last week – even if they were just names.

When NASA perseverance The rover landed on the red planet and carried three silicon chips.

Millions of names were etched onto these tiny pieces of silicon – each no bigger than a fingernail – with an electron beam.

The plate bearing the names of 11 million people is circled as perseverance drifts toward the surface of Mars. Image: NASA

The beam enables the writing to be less than a micron in diameter – much less than the width of a human hair.

A total of 10,932,295 people from around 250 countries and territories covered their names the 300 million miles through the solar system on board the rover.

And 284,350 of them were people in the UK, with the participating countries stretching from the US to Niue as part of the Send Your Name To Mars project.

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The silicon chips were attached to a plate on one of Perseverance’s center beams to ensure the rover’s camera could see them.

A virtual boarding pass was also sent to those who signed up for the program.

The sign with the names on it can be seen on the red planet. Image: NASA
The sign with the names on it can be seen on the red planet. Image: NASA

The previous one NASA InSight landed on Mars in November 2018 – this vehicle had 2,429,807 Earth names.

In the meantime, 7,289,416 people have already registered to have their names transported through the cosmos on the agency’s next mission on the red planet.

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