Every left-wing attempt to prosecute Trump has failed


Political persecution is not new in America. Political pogroms are. It is sad to see the Democratic Party adopt such Third World practices as politics. It is sadder to note that never in history has there been a more sustained but unsuccessful political effort to oust or destroy a man.

Even before Donald Trump took office, the Democrats claimed that Russia had chosen him as the Manchurian candidate. The tripartite axis of intelligence, the Democratic Party and the media then swung towards the fences, using wiretaps by FISA scams, honey traps, Australian and Israeli clippings, GHQ-cleared information and every other trick in the espionage business.

They came out so empty that even a Deep State O.G. how Robert Mueller could not find anything to be accused of. Mueller is a forgotten hero who knows he had nothing and ready to fade his legacy to black rather than be remembered as the guy who rejected the rule of law. You will no longer see such courage in failure; Continue reading.

Despite their crackdown on the failed Russiagate coup, the Democrats after Mueller set about indicting Trump over much of the office almost immediately. An anonymous whistleblower was deployed and then dug up among the intelligence community, and the impeachment hearings began at the speed of a prefabricated barn. A long line of State Department clones and a sad warrior bureaucrat basically said they weren’t interested in Trump’s Ukraine policies – so let’s indict him.

The whole thing collapsed because a) there was no criminal act and b) the more Democrats were rooted in the pigsty for evidence against Trump, the more they ended up in the Ukraine scandal over Joe and Hunter Biden.

The Democrats were not satisfied with a failed impeachment process, but instead deposed Trump a second time as a private citizen after he had resigned from office. The build was intended to exaggerate unorganized vandalism in the Capitol to a full coup attempt. It left out that the vandals had no choice but to be quickly chased out of the building and then simply walked home. The imagined Reichstag moment was then stuck to Trump’s back like a “kick-me” sign, which contradicted the established rules of speech-as-incitement. A silly show trial failed. Again.

In the background were political assassination attempts so pathetic they never failed completely: the salary clause cases, Stormy Daniels, everything about Michaels Avenatti and Cohen, E. Jean Carroll’s rape-and-defamation case – this case is so monstrous lousy the Justice Department of Biden has sided with Trump – 25th amendment gimmicks and all ancillary allegations, including incest. The New York South District, which leads the current case, failed to prosecute Trump’s children and prosecute Paul Manafort back in 2012. All smoking cannons fired spaces.

But why give up now? The state and the city of New York have brought fraud charges against Trump CFO Allen Weisselberg and the Trump Organization for failing to pay taxes on fringe benefits such as accommodation and transportation to Weisselberg. Most of the alleged acts took place years ago, even before Trump became president.

Pity the poor CNN intern whose weekend was ruined after he was told to read New York tax laws and “look for dirt”. What he finds is a complex jumble of taxable and non-taxable fringe benefits. For example, a company car is not taxable when used for business travel but is taxable on a mile basis when used for commuting. You should keep records. That means, of course, unless you decide in favor of the ALV rule or if the market value in the year in which the vehicle is leased out exceeds certain amounts. Imagine that the jury spends days clarifying this and then judging the intention; Did the Trump Organization intend to commit criminal fraud by mistakenly using the cents-per-mile standard instead of the ALV? No proven intent does not mean a criminal conviction. And when you’re done, the judges, move on to the equally dense text on fringe benefits like accommodation, tuition, and parking. Is this the hill Dems can die on?

The sad thing is that all of this is usually settled through a tax bill and perhaps an administrative fine – the point in every previous (non-Trump) case has been simply that the state collects the tax revenue owed. Even the NYT admitted that “it is very unusual for a company to be sued for failing to pay payroll taxes on fringe benefits alone.” But in this case, and only in this case, prosecutors went further and criminalized the affair, claiming it was willful fraud. That raised the specter of jail time and hit the headlines for the case to maximize political impact.

As for the jail sentence, which is specifically aimed at pressuring Trump accountant Allen Weisselberg, 73, to trade filth for Donald Trump for leniency in his golden years, the only person actually charged here. In the midst of all the fatigue Godfather That is clichés security there has to be more, and this time, instead of Cohen, Manafort, Flynn, et al., Weisselberg know it everything and will turn around.

For those who pursue Third World touchpoints, wonder what it all looks like when the government’s full power is screwed against old Weisselberg to force him to testify against his will. If they had used wooden clubs to beat him instead of law books, we would call it torture.

That one of the most important witnesses for the prosecution is the bitter ex-wife of Weißelberg’s son is only the beginning of the questions. The defense, in explaining the obvious political nature of the case, will no doubt ask why here and why now? Some of the alleged violations go back 15 years. Why didn’t the state or the IRS reveal any of this a decade ago? The IRS has been auditing the Trump organization since 2010, but somehow never saw anything?

Why is this prosecution only happening at the state and city level in democratic New York, safe from the federal level, where it could backfire on Biden more clearly? And by the way, did the multimillionaire Trump CFO Weisselberg sit down with TurboTax every year to make his own taxes? If not, why isn’t his accountant on trial? The key question is, since these tax cases have recently been treated as strictly administrative matters, why is this case alone being prosecuted?

Since this indictment is the result of a year-long investigation and involved two trips to the Supreme Court, it must of course be H-U-G-E. Unless it’s not. The government says the total amount of undeclared benefits over a 15-year period is only $ 1.7 million. Let’s say it’s all really taxable, at a tax rate of 20 percent, that’s $ 22,000 a year. It sounds like a lot to the Rubes, but it isn’t.

Of course the MSM is a twitter claiming this is just the tip of the iceberg, Weißelberg is going to tip over, the walls are closing, etc. Don’t believe it. You’ve heard all of this before with Russiagate and two impeachments and it didn’t work. And as with Russiagate, if the prosecutors actually had something real to work with (e.g. Trump was a Russian spy, here’s the evidence), they would have taken the lead and not some tax case.

But Al Capone! Yes, yes, gangster Al Capone went to jail for tax evasion (and prohibition charges) 90 years ago, but that was based on the fact that he did not collect any federal taxes at all on wholly illegally earned income, including murder on rent, for 11 consecutive years. and the Feds need a test case to show for the first time that they can tax illicit income. Not quite the same here.

Ultimately, it does not depend on the “jury” who would like to impose a kind of tax penalty on Weißelberg. The real jury will be the voters because even if Trump doesn’t run, he will be a kingmaker who will decide who will.

There are, of course, these true blues witnessing Trump being gutted on television by progressives wearing George Floyd masks. For them, every misfortune is a declaration of victory. But if purple voters view this charge as petty, then the risk is to martyr Trump.

Just wait for Trump at his next rally and yell out, “I told you they were out for me!” Meanwhile, the Democrats are trying to turn … the tax officer into a folk hero? Coupled with Biden’s crumbling agenda, it’s a bad moon heading into halftime. Trump doesn’t go to jail and everything else makes him stronger. Again.

This paranoid vengeance is frightening, a sign that some of the voters’ critical thinking skills have been eaten up by political syphilis. Democrats should carefully weigh the secondary effects of their actions and (as voters do) ask whether the target is law enforcement or a political kill-shot. If it’s the latter, you’d better not miss it. Again.

Peter Van Buren is the author of We meant well: How I lost the fight for the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people, Hooper’s War: A Novel of WWII Japan, and Ghosts of Tom Joad: A Story of the 99 Percent.

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