Flight attendant thinks Simone Biles is a kid


She got the Medal of Freedom – and a coloring book!

A flight attendant offered Simone Biles a coloring book when the seven-time Olympic medalist was mistaken for a child on her flight home last week for accepting the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

The 4-foot-8 gymnast, 25, shared the embarrassing interaction on her Instagram Story, along with a selfie in which she grimaced in disbelief.

“Not the flight attendant trying to hand me a coloring book when I get on board … I said, ‘No I’m fine, I’m 25,'” Biles captioned the image, which was screenshotted shared on Twitter.

Biles is the most decorated gymnast in history and was just in Washington, DC on Thursday to receive the nation’s top civilian honor, along with 16 others.

The athlete became the youngest person to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom when President Joe Biden placed the award around her neck during a ceremony at the White House, joking that she needs to find room for the new medal among her 32 Olympic and world championship medals .

US President Joe Biden presents gymnast Simone Biles with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian honor.
AFP via Getty Images/Saul Loeb

Biles was likely on a flight from DC to her home state of Texas when the mismatch happened.

She said another crew member supplied her with an alcoholic drink after the coloring book incident – but asked if she was of legal drinking age.

“The other flight attendant gave me a mimosa to keep us safe,” she wrote.

The screenshot of Biles narrating the experience has gone viral on Twitter with more than 160,000 likes.

“[I]I cry at the thought of a flight attendant giving Simone Galle [sic] most decorated gymnast in history a coloring book because she’s 4’8,” @mattxiv wrote in the tweet.

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