Florida kennel operator blown up after 11 puppies were found dead in trash cans: police officers



A Florida kennel was arrested this week after 11 dead puppies were found in trash cans on the property.

Hernando County Sheriff’s MPs and animal rights officers searched the Golden Kennel LLC on Weatherly Road in Brooksville Tuesday to see if sick puppies were being housed and sold from the facility.

During an investigation, the animal welfare officer M. Rowe had received information that, according to the police, several puppies from the kennel had died of the highly contagious canine parvovirus within a few days of the sale.

When Rowe showed up, Operator Jian Karlos Ortiz Mendez reportedly refused to give her full access to the pups.

When the officer in the office was talking to Ortiz Mendez, she spotted a very sick puppy on the floor and asked the operator about his condition. He told the officer that his vet was “aware,” the authorities said.

Jian Karlos Ortiz Mendez has been charged with 11 animal cruelty charges.
Jian Karlos Ortiz Mendez has been charged with 11 animal cruelty charges.
Hernando County Sheriff’s Office

Rowe also found 11 dead puppies in the kennel that were not properly disposed of in garbage cans on the property, police said.

Eight puppies – all with signs of parvovirus – were confiscated from the property and taken to local vets for treatment, police officers said.

The remaining dogs on the property – approximately 138 – were left in the care of the kennel staff.

Ortiz Mendez, 34, was arrested and charged with 11 animal cruelty and an animal neglect crime related to a lack of water for kennel dogs.

Its borrowing was set at $ 23,000.

According to authorities, Ortiz Mendez’s kennel license is also being revoked by Hernando County Animal Services.

It is not permitted to sell or remove dogs or puppies from the facility unless they are being looked after by a licensed veterinarian.


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