Florida woman defrauds $ 100,000 from victims of “witch services”


A Florida woman is charged with cheating on at least 10 people out of a total of $ 100,000 with promises to use “witchcraft services” to cure her relationship problems, a police report said.

The Spanish-speaking woman named Rosalia carried out her plan from January to March after running ads for her services in the Golden Gate and eastern Naples, NBC 2 reported.

The advertisements promoting “spiritual / witchcraft” appeared in free Hispanic newspapers, radio advertisements, on local Hispanic radio stations. According to the police, there were also flyers in laundromats and shops.

“If you have an argument with your wife / girlfriend, she can help you with your problems,” said the advertisements, according to a police report on the news channel.

At least four of the victims gave Rosalia sums of money that she thought were clean but never returned.

A man reportedly gave Rosalia over $ 29,500 to bless and multiply.
A man reportedly gave Rosalia over $ 29,500 to bless and multiply.
Police Department of Naples

A man who told police Rosalia that she saw something “dark” in life spent more than $ 29,500 so that she could bless it and increase it, the report said.

But she told the man that there was “darkness in the money” and that she had to clean it on her temple.

After that, she stopped replying to his messages, the report said.

The victim told the police he didn’t think they would steal his money.

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