France is becoming more and more popular


France is growing in popularity to win Euro 2020.

The reigning world champion is the favorite to win the tournament thanks to his solid defense, great midfield and numerous attack opportunities. France is the best all-round team in the tournament and the bettors have clearly seen that.

France’s odds have dropped from +550 to +400 since BetMGM started taking bets on Euro 2020. A quarter of the bets on teams that win the tournament are on France and nearly 42% of the handle – the total money wagered on teams to win the tournament – are favorites.

Nine days ago, 25% of the money used in the tournament was bet on France. That is a significant increase, especially in such a short time.

No other team bet more than 12.2%. Italy is the team with the second highest stakes and the odds of the Italians have dropped from +1200 to +700. England is the third most popular team bet at 11.5%.

England has the second highest money bet on it. More than 16% of the grip is with the Three Lions, despite questions that continue to surround the defense.

Germany missed the last sixteen?

The most popular prop bet at BetMGM is on the Belgian Romelu Lukaku as the tournament’s top scorer. Lukaku (+600) is number 2 of the top scorer favorites behind Englishman Harry Kane.

The second most popular prop bet may surprise you. France, Germany and defending champions Portugal are all in the same group. This group of death combined with Germany’s relatively poor new form means that the Germans will be selected by some as one of the top eight eliminated teams.

Germany must be kicked out of the tournament in the group status +600. Meanwhile, the Germans are +800 to win the entire tournament or +800 to finish second. They are possibly the most boom-or-bust team in the tournament.

Euro 2020 officially starts on Friday when Italy meets Turkey. You can find our betting tips for this game here and you can click here to see our betting preview for the entire tournament.

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