Fresno State football fans injured after coach smashed glass out of press box


Fresno State football fans were injured Saturday after a coach punched glass from a press box window and into the stands below.

The incident happened at Bulldog Stadium during Fresno State’s win over San Jose State. Fresno State athletic director Terry Tumey confirmed the incident in a statement Sunday.

“Unfortunately, during last night’s football game, some fans were injured by broken glass falling after a member of the coaching staff smashed the coaching box window over a seating area.”

Tumey did not name the coach he placed on administrative leave. The coach has no contact with the team during the holiday.

Fresno State’s Bulldog Stadium. (AP Photo/Gary Kazanjian, File)

The injured fans have not been publicly identified, but Tumey told the Fresno Bee they are a woman and a teenage girl. They were treated for lacerations at a local hospital. No information was given about the extent of her injuries.

According to the bee, the glass in the press box is not tempered, which would cause it to break into smaller, non-serrated pieces. Instead, according to the report, it shattered into sharp shards before falling onto the stands below. There is no report that the trainer who broke the glass was injured.

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