Ghislaine Maxwell turned down the third bid on bail


Ghislaine Maxwell’s third bail request, in which alleged Ms. Jeffrey Epstein offered to give up her British and French citizenship, was denied by a federal judge on Monday.

“In summary, defendants’ willingness to give up their French and British citizenship does not adequately mitigate the court’s concerns about the defendant’s risk of escape,” Manhattan Federal Supreme Court Justice Alison J. Nathan wrote in one 12-page decision.

Maxwell, 59, pleaded not guilty to six counts, claiming she had underage girls for sexual relations with the late pedophile financier Epstein, who died of suicide in a Manhattan prison cell while on his own trial in the year 2019 waited.

The global Maxwell was initially denied bail after her arrest in July 2020.

In December 2020, Maxwell offered to purchase a stunning package with a $ 28.5 million deposit, but Nathan turned down the offer, remaining convinced that Maxwell would continue to pose a flight risk.

Last month, Maxwell raised the stakes further by volunteering to give up her British and French citizenship if she was released, but Nathan was not swayed.

Nathan noted in Monday’s decision that it remained unclear under British and French law how easy it would be to extradite her back to the US if she were to flee overseas, even if Maxwell made her vows to renounce her citizenship, had redeemed.

“The Tribunal believes in the government’s arguments that even if the defendant renounced her British citizenship, she could likely delay or resist extradition from the UK,” wrote Nathan. “In relation to your offer to renounce French citizenship, the Court is once again faced with dueling opinions on the correct interpretation of French law.”

Nathan noted Maxwell’s right to continue to appeal for her freedom, but wrote that she couldn’t think of bail that would meet the court’s approval.

“As set out below, the court concludes that none of the defendants’ new arguments and proposals interferes with their conclusion that the defendant poses an escape risk and that there is no combination of conditions that can adequately guarantee its appearance,” wrote the Lawyer.

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