Global National: March 2, 2022 | Destruction deepens in Ukraine as Russia escalates invasion


The devastation mounts in Ukraine as Russian forces tighten their grip and ramp up attacks. Jeff Semple reports on the carnage, where some people have been forced to hide, and how others are standing up to Russian troops.

A Bentley, Alberta farmer named Heidi Bachman has travelled to Poland to help provide shelter and a safe haven for Ukrainian refugees. Mike Armstrong hears what they’ve endured, what compelled Bachman to help, and the plans to help Canadians stuck in Ukraine.

Meanwhile, hundreds of Canadian soldiers are in Latvia, training to defend against a possible attack in case Russia extends its aggression beyond Ukraine. Mercedes Stephenson explains from Riga, Latvia why the Canadians are not too worried about Russia invading a NATO country.

Plus, 73 per cent of the United Nations General Assembly has voted to condemn Russia over its invasion. Jackson Proskow reports on which Russian allies withheld support for Moscow, and the sanctions aimed at the richest oligarchs.

Also, Anne Gaviola looks at how much the Bank of Canada’s key interest rate is rising, why, and what it means for your finances. And Jamie Mauracher looks at how Ukraine’s hospitals are being strained by the war, and the Canadian efforts to help save lives.

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