Hunter Biden Talks ‘False News’ at Tulane University


Hunter Biden snapped a lecture appearance at Tulane University to talk to students about “false news” for a course called “Media Polarization and Public Order Implications.”

President Biden’s 51-year-old son will attend class to discuss “the current state of the US media landscape and the impact media polarization, fake news and the economics of new business have on public policy in Washington DC.” according to Fox News.

Biden is one of 10 guest speakers invited by New Orleans University during the 10-week course.

Other speakers are Dr. Deborah Birx, New York Times columnist Bret Stephens, and Fox News political analyst Juan Williams.

Biden, who The Post exclusively reported that in 2015 he helped arrange a meeting between his then-vice-presidential father and his boss of the Ukrainian energy company, whom the elder Biden later helped protect himself from investigations into his media literacy.

Tulane University will host Hunter Biden as part of a ten-week course.
Tulane University will host Hunter Biden as part of a 10-week course.
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In the weeks leading up to the 2020 election, social media censored the post because of the report and the mainstream news ignored it because they did not believe it was correct.

After his father won the presidency, Hunter announced that the federal government was in fact investigating his overseas business.

The First Son also said the laptop in the middle of the report, which contained emails revealing its business ties in Ukraine and China, could be “certainly” as its book tour swung through CBS earlier this month.

He also alleged it could have been stolen from him or hacked by Russia as part of a misinformation campaign, the latter a claim that intelligence agents have disproved.

“Whether or not someone has my laptop, whether it was or not, I’ve been hacked, whether or not there is a laptop at all, I really don’t know,” Hunter said.

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