Hunter Biden’s attorney allegedly spied on the set of ‘My Son Hunter’: complaint


California prosecutors are investigating an ethics lawsuit filed by filmmaker Phelim McAleer against Hunter Biden’s attorney and ‘sugar brother’ Kevin Morris – who wants the wealthy Malibu attorney to lose his license for allegedly selling the set of his film ‘My Son Hunter’ infiltrated under false pretenses to gather information for the first son.

In the complaint, filed last week and obtained by The Post, McAleer alleges that Morris, who made a fortune representing the “South Park” co-creators, flew his private jet to Serbia in November, where the biopic is set was filmed by Hunter Biden and pretended to be an independent documentary filmmaker producing content for South Park Streaming.

“Kevin Morris was Hunter Biden’s attorney who used deception and misrepresentation to spy on a film project about his client to gather information to help his client,” the complaint reads.

“He used deception to secure such access by failing to disclose that he was Mr. Biden’s attorney. Mr. Morris used his documentary filmmaker guise to disguise his true calling: conducting legal investigative work on behalf of his client, Mr. Hunter Biden.”

A source close to Morris confirmed Tuesday that Morris, who loaned Hunter up to $2.8 million to pay off a tax bill, was one of Hunter’s “attorneys and trusted advisors.”

Filmmaker Phelim McAleer claimed Morris used “deception and misrepresentation” to spy on the set of the film he was producing about the Biden family in Serbia.
McAleer wants Morris disbarred for lying to perform "legal investigative work" on the set of the film for Hunter Biden.
McAleer wants Morris disfellowshipped for lying to do “legal investigative work” for Hunter Biden on the set of the film.
“My Son Hunter” The Hunter-Biden Film

He claimed the ethics complaint was “going nowhere” and criticized “My Son Hunter,” a viral indie film currently streaming online, as an “amateur film.” [that] bombed.”

“[McAleer is] making a mistake in taking Kevin on – he’s also a humiliated producer who hilariously plays hurt while his cruelty and actions actually harm real people. He should climb back under the rock he came from.”

McAleer responded that he was “happy to have the California Bar address the egregious ethical violations, but I see now that Kevin Morris and his entourage have gone from deception to threats. This is alarming but not surprising.”

Morris reportedly told McAleer he was filming in collaboration with a documentary about Hunter Biden "South Park" Creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone.
Morris reportedly told McAleer that he was making a documentary about Hunter Biden with a film crew associated with the creators of South Park.

Ann McElhinney, the film’s executive producer and McAleer’s wife, said, “Kevin Morris and his team seem to have unlimited resources. As a filmmaker, he and his team flew to Serbia in a private jet to collect information for his client Hunter Biden. Now that this has been revealed, he is obviously concerned. It is a slam dunk violation of ethics.”

The California Bar Association’s Office of Chief Trial Counsel has assigned a case number to the ethics complaint, which is currently being reviewed by an attorney. A union spokesman said he was prevented by state law from confirming his status.

The complaint alleges that during an hour-long conversation at a Belgrade café that McAleer recorded, Morris and his collaborators Robb Bindler and Jason Kohn told him they were “an independent documentary team working with the creators of ‘South Park’ connected and making a documentary about Hunter Biden.”

“Mr. Morris described his previous practice as an attorney for the creators of ‘South Park’ . . . He had retired from practicing law to pursue his initial passion for documentaries, which would also help meet the needs of ‘ South Park’ of content as part of their new massive and lucrative streaming deal.”

When asked if the documentary would be produced under the ‘Trey Parker and Matt Stone ‘South Park’ documentary banner, Morris replied, “I’m her attorney. Since 25 years. They’re good guys,” and then said he was “confident” the documentary would be part of a future South Park streaming,” the complaint said.

Morris claimed he was confident his allegedly fake documentary would be made under the South Park banner.
Morris claimed he was confident his allegedly fake documentary would be made under the South Park banner.
“My Son Hunter” The Hunter-Biden Film
Morris is a close advisor to Hunter Biden and once loaned him $2.8 million to pay off a tax bill.
Morris is a close advisor to Hunter Biden and once loaned him $2.8 million to pay off a tax bill.
Stephen Yang for the NY Post

Bindler told McAleer the documentary’s theme was “corruption is corruption.”

McAleer then gave Morris and his crew unlimited access to the set for several days, allowing them to film actors Lawrence Fox, who played Hunter, and John James, who played Joe Biden.

He estimates they had more than 40 hours of film and audio left over from the film. McAleer also sat with Morris for more than four hours of interviews, and he and McElhenny had dinner with the smooth-talking attorney at a restaurant in Belgrade one night.

“Mr. Morris intentionally did not tell us that he was being held by Mr. Hunter Biden at the time of this call and during the many hours of filming and interviewing,” the complaint reads.

“Mr. Morris intentionally misrepresented to me that he never met or spoke to Mr. Hunter Biden . . .

“In my 30 years as a journalist, I have never met a lawyer who behaved so unethically. This wasn’t a spontaneous scam. It was a planned deception carried out over several days.”

McAleer says Morris’ conduct violates three rules of the State Bar of California and therefore he is “unfit to practice law in California or anywhere else” and should be disfellowshipped.

Morris, 59, has been dubbed Hunter’s latest “sugar daddy” by former associates of the troubled former crack addict because Morris loaned Biden money to cover his taxes and the $20,000 a month rent on his home Paid in Malibu. Morris has been helping the president’s son navigate an ongoing four-year federal criminal investigation by the US Attorney in Delaware into his business dealings.

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