Husband says doctor’s wife Yue Yu tried to kill him by putting Drano in drink, Nanny Cam quotes Sting: court documents


A Southern California dermatologist accused of poisoning her husband reportedly spiked his hot soda with liquid Drano on several occasions to “try to kill him,” the estranged spouse said.

In a shocking court statement obtained exclusively by The Post, Jack Chen, 53, said his wife, Yue “Emily” Yu, who has been married for a decade, allegedly put the poison in his hot soda drink at least three times in July have.

Chen, a radiologist, said he became suspicious when he felt seriously ill and decided to set up a “nanny camera” in her kitchen, according to his testimony included in an application for a restraining order against his wife.

Screenshots of footage presented to the court and obtained by The Post show Yu holding a large red plastic bottle and pouring its contents into a mug. Another photo shows Chen drinking from the cup.

Video footage shows Yu pouring the contents into her husband’s hot lemonade on July 11 and 18, but Chen claims in the court filing that he had been feeling ill for several months before telling police about the alleged poisoning on Thursday Irvine reported.

Yue “Emily” Yu allegedly put Drano in her husband’s hot soda drink.
New York Post

“This video (dated July 18th) shows me taking a sip of my still-hot soda, covering my cup with cling film, and then Emily retrieving the draino (sic) from under the sink and removing the cover to reveal the draino to pour. and then replace the cellophane and put the draino (sic) back,” Chen said in his statement.

Chen claimed that his wife and mother-in-law verbally, physically and emotionally abused him and their two children, aged 8 and 7. Chen was granted a restraining order against his wife.

Yu was also ordered by the court to stay at least 100 meters away from her son and daughter.

“Emily called me a ‘fucking asshole’ and other insults,” Chen wrote in his statement. “Right now she’s minimizing my existence by telling the kids in front of me, ‘tell him’ to do something without speaking to me. She would ask the children to tell me to do menial tasks for them.

Yue "Emily" Yu was eventually arrested by the Irvine Police Department for allegedly poisoning her husband.
Yue “Emily” Yu was eventually arrested by the Irvine Police Department for allegedly poisoning her husband.
Irvine Police Department via AP

“Emily’s parenting, if you can call it that, revolves around yelling, insults, verbal abuse, hitting, pushing, pulling and emotional abuse.”

No charges were filed against Yu, who was released from custody late Friday after posting bail, according to Orange County Sheriff’s records.

Bill Bingham, Lt. Irvine Police Department told The Post: “We believe this is a domestic incident. We haven’t discovered anything that would worry patients as much [Yu] treated.”

David Wohl, Yu’s attorney, told the Post his client “absolutely and unequivocally denies” poisoning her husband and abusing him and their children.

“The only answer I have to that is[Chen]is desperate to get a foothold in the divorce,” Wohl said. “Remember that he has filed for divorce and wants to take advantage of every advantage he has. This is a very common scenario in my 33+ years of legal practice.”

Steven Hittelman, Chen’s attorney, said they are cooperating with investigators and have turned over the footage to the Orange County Attorney’s Office.

“In March or April, he first noticed something was wrong, and when he had more tests done, he started having fairly significant symptoms,” Hittelman said. “That’s when he started equating the chemical taste with the symptoms he was having.”

In his statement, Chen said he suffered two stomach ulcers, gastritis, and inflammation of his esophagus from the alleged poisoning.

Chen filed for both a civil restraining order and divorce on Friday. He demands sole custody of the children.

In his statement, Chen claimed Yu and her mother, Yuqin “Amy” Gu, subjected him and his two children to painful emotional and verbal abuse. He said his wife allegedly deprived the children of sleep, often making them cry and calling them nasty names.

According to reports, Jack Chen became increasingly ill, especially in the stomach.  He later found out that his wife allegedly put Drano in his drinks.
According to reports, Jack Chen became increasingly ill, especially in the stomach. He later found out that his wife allegedly put Drano in his drinks.
New York Post

“When Emily is frustrated and yells at the kids, she usually uses a Chinese phrase that translates to ‘Go die!’ She also tells the kids, “Your head has a problem, your head is sick, f-k yourself, f-king idiot, stupid a-hole, and get the f-k out of my way.” .’

He added: “Sole custody will allow me to ensure that Emily and Amy stay away from the children’s school so that they can enjoy a more normal life. Most importantly, our children need to know that they can have a happy and healthy relationship with me without fear or retribution from their mother or grandmother.”

Hittelman said Chen felt “some relief” and that his health was slowly improving. Chen had to quit his job as a radiologist to deal with the stress and his health, the attorney said.

“He tells him and his kids a story of traumatic abuse at the hands of his wife and mother-in-law, and now he’s trying to come to terms with it and make sure the two kids get through it,” Hittelman told the Post. “I’ve represented some very newsworthy cases … and I deal with a lot of domestic violence as a practice, but I’ll tell you, this one is for the books.”

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