“I am so proud of your courage”


Carl Nassib, the defensive end of the Las Vegas Raiders, has had widespread support since his landmark decision on Monday to announce he was gay.

This made him the first active player in NFL history to come out. Since its unveiling, the Raiders, NFL, NFLPA, Las Vegas quarterback Derek Carr, and other current and former NFL players have shared their support for Nassib on social media.

Now the President is behind him.

On Tuesday evening, President Joe Biden tweeted his support for striker Nassib and Washington Spirit and Japanese soccer star Kumi Yokoyama, who came out as a transgender man on Tuesday.

President Biden: “I am so proud of your courage”

Biden tweeted via the official @ POTUS account and wrote about Nassib and Yokoyama: “I’m so proud of your courage.”

He did this when the @POTUS account banner read “Happy Pride Month” while it was decked out in rainbow colors.

In his coming-out message, Nassib announced a donation of $ 100,000 to the Trevor Project, a charity focused on reducing suicides among LGBTQ youth. He also wrote about the impact adult support can have on a young LGBTQ person who has thoughts of suicide.

“Studies have shown that just an accepted adult lowers an LGBTQ child’s risk of attempting suicide by 40%,” wrote Nassib. “Whether you are a friend, a parent, a coach, or a teammate – you can be that person.”

Joe Biden expressed support for two athletes who came out this week. (Kenzo Tribollard / AFP)

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