Idaho dog walker finds alligator in bush – thousands of miles away from habitat


An Idaho resident walking his dog stumbled upon a reptile they never expected in the state — a 3.5-foot alligator.

The unnamed person was walking through New Plymouth, which sits on the state’s Oregon border, on Thursday when he “spotted something moving the brush,” the Idaho Department of Fish and Game said.

It wasn’t a squirrel or even a stray cat, but a small alligator, the confused stray found.

The person picked up the reptile, loaded it into a nearby horse trailer, and called Fish and Game, who picked up the animal the next morning.

It is illegal in Idaho to own an alligator without a permit. According to Fish and Game, the species is not found in the state.

Alligators are rarely found outside of the southeastern portion or the United States, well over 1,500 miles from New Plymouth, Idaho

Officials don’t yet know how the reptile got to the northwestern state, but are investigating.

“Most likely, this alligator broke free from someone, and we’re interested in finding the owner,” regional conservation officer Matt O’Connell said in a statement.

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