ISIS-sympathetic teens plotted spring break mosque attack: FBI


A trio of ISIS-sympathetic teenagers plotted to shoot and set fire to a Chicago-area Shia mosque during “spring break,” according to federal court documents unsealed on Friday.

The murderous conspiracy was uncovered by the FBI in February when they served search warrants on a 15-year-old in Chicago, a 17-year-old in Kentucky and the home of 18-year-old Xavier Pelkey ​​in Waterville, Maine, the FBI statement was released on Friday unsealed.

Prosecutors allege Pelkey ​​communicated with the two teenagers via Instagram and planned the attack on the Shia mosque.

The trio planned to meet up in Chicago during “spring breaks” in late March and start their killing spree, the document said.

Pelkey, who used the alias “Abdullah,” told the teenagers that he bought guns and ammunition and built a home-made explosive device to “get more people,” court documents say.

They planned to “enter the Shia mosque and separate the adults from the children and then murder the adults. If they had not encountered law enforcement at this point, they would have proceeded to another Shia mosque or Jewish synagogue and carried out the same plan,” the FBI statement said.

The teenagers reportedly planned the attack to take place during “spring break.”
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“They didn’t have an escape plan, but their plan ended with them being shot dead by the police,” it said.

Federal investigators recovered a cache of weapons belonging to the first teenager and Pelkey, as well as a number of ISIS flags at both of their homes.

Pelkey ​​is charged with possession of an unregistered destruction device, punishable by a maximum of 10 years in prison.

An attorney for Pelkey ​​did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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