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Liz Cheney knows what she’s doing. She cares about continuing her father’s legacy and little else.

Former US Vice President Dick Cheney (C) sits with his daughter, US Congressman Liz Cheney (R), R-Wyoming, during the opening ceremony of the 115th US Congress on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC on January 3, 2017 . (JIM WATSON / AFP via Getty Images)

This week House Republicans will remove Representative Liz Cheney from their leadership, which has already sparked a thousand comments. Cheney’s defenders, including Nancy Pelosi and Bernie Sanders, have tremendous incentives to oust Donald Trump and Jan 6. In contrast, this is what their opposition wants to say about professionalism: their awkward attacks show that they are not leadership material. As noted in a truthful and vague comment, Kevin McCarthy, Chairman of the Minority House of Representatives, GOP House members are concerned that Liz will not be able to “carry out” the message.

Neither side wants to say the obvious. It’s no wonder why Liz Cheney hates Donald Trump so much: It’s about Afghanistan and Bush’s legacy.

On the surface, their personal beef with Trump is supposed to look like it’s all about “democracy”. She just really feels compelled to keep commenting and talking about which is an old story politically as well. It looks undisciplined, but that can’t be right. I recently spoke to a good friend who has worked with Cheney for a while and this person commented, “She is brilliant and is always in control. If you want someone to read your financial records and provide detailed advice, she is your wife. “

That doesn’t sound like someone who would ruthlessly blow up their political future. But my friend continued, “She’s always in control … except for foreign affairs. Move into this area and her eyes will turn into those of a jealous one.”

Cheney should, by all rights, praise the pro-Wyoming president in her life, Donald Trump. And with all rights, she should attack Joe Biden instead of poking her fist, whose program is already destroying jobs at home. In the Wyoming edition, Trump scores well ahead of Biden, which is why he won the state by 44 percent in 2020. This is a landslide. It’s more than a landslide.

But Trump got us on target in withdrawing from Afghanistan, and Biden is more Hawkish, so Trump is attacked and Biden gets Liz’s praise. Indeed, Biden’s announcement of a new (imprudently delayed) withdrawal plan drew a rare reprimand from her. The decision to continue the Trump withdrawal at all was for them a “ruthless decision”.

If Cheney is cold and calculating but has wild eyes on the only problem of continuing her father’s failed strategic vision in the Middle East, doesn’t that explain her actions? She can’t just drive to a leadership position – it has to be on her terms and demand the caucus condemn Trump. Like Mitch McConnell or not, he understands that part of the job of the Congressional leadership is to make it easier, not harder, for its incumbents to get re-elected.

Cheney, splintering the Republican caucus, is therefore geared towards targeting the weakest, suburban career politicians and encouraging them to break away from the caucus and condemn Trump without thinking. Your actions are extremely selfish and ideologically motivated, and do the people of Wyoming a disservice.

If she feels compelled to condemn Trump and do so in the most ruthless way, she needs to know that not only will she lose the leadership contest that she would never actually win, but that she will also endanger her home reelection. in Wyoming. She must have an exit plan. With the possible exception of former Trump administration loyalist Perry Pendley, however, there doesn’t appear to be a strong challenger yet to be seen. So if I’m Liz, I expect an easy re-election and play the anti-Trump gadfly for the foreseeable future.

What’s your endgame? She could wait for a Biden date shortly after the 2022 elections. Maybe she’s waiting for a “conservative” deal with MSNBC or CNN. What is more likely, however, is that she and her donors hope to lead a GOP brainwave to rebuild the failed fusionist coalition. She could certainly go out in a glitz of glory, leave the GOP and try to negotiate foreign policy with the Dems, but vote with the GOP on fraudulent social issues.

The swamp is always happy to see socially conservative voters being held hostage, leaving Hobson the choice of voting for a GOP that cares only about free markets or nothing. In 2020 we saw “fiscal first” suburbs swinging for Biden, but many of these voters are still performative, socially conservative. Cheney, who flirted with running as early as 2024, could fill McMullin Alley and provide cover to suburban voters for an effective pro-choice vote.

But when I’m cold and I’m reckoning on Rep. Cheney after all that burning the bridge, the only thing I don’t plan to do is support my Republicans.

Andrew Monastery is a DC attorney who previously served as assistant director in the White House Presidential Office and assistant general counsel in the United States Human Resources Office. He has served in various other Trump administrative and conservative nonprofit functions, and his weekly newsletter, Right from the Ground Up, covers institutional growth on the right.

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